What Are EMA & SMA Indicators: Trading Penny Stocks | Robinhood

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diane sylvain says:

Super video you are super I would like to know how I am beginner by or start to learn I would like to know if you are interested in meinseigner from the beginning a lot of videos my where to start thanks sylvain good weekend

Claus Bohm says:

FInViz and Bigcharts are good for this!

Chuy says:

solid video. very good insight on small tips to get that edge.

mike lazar says:

hi there, i just joint your channel because i think you are sincere not like the others on you tube , please let me know how i can get in the chat room and start investing because i;m new and kind a lost …. i thank you sincerely

Ghost Davis says:

Hey Ricky how much of any given stock are you buying? so you have a system for purchasing?

Life With Prado says:

Any info on screening for potential penny stocks to buy ? Sorry Incase you already covered this, I havent seen all your videos so I might have to double check

UltimateGamingMedia1 says:

Thanks so much Ricky, really appreciate all your help

Elias H says:

Crazy.. so much great info. Thank you! Can't wait to put in work on monday👍

Do DoDo says:

Regarding indicators, could you do a video about volume? I know what it is, but i feel like there is "more to it" considering by how much other members in the group tend to talk about volume.

Do DoDo says:

awesome i was gonna ask for exactly this video!

Leonard Moul says:

great info!

taylor stewart says:

you trade options at all?

JustMeDee says:

Thanks SO much!!! VERY helpful 🙂

Jimmy Velasquez says:

Great video keep up the good work !

jose matos says:

thanks for the video rick, i was the one who requested it yesterday

Larry says:

hey, great videos…i love your style of trading!
Do you only trade the stocks you researched the night before, or would you get into a stock that during the market hours- unprepared? Also, do you use any other patterns other than the support and resistance levels, ex. flag pattern, tea cup etc

Steve Breighner says:

ricky, do you skate btw? here is why funcx might not go above 1.05 in my opinion http://finance.yahoo.com/news/function-x-inc-prices-4-135000680.html but am not positve

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