What are GAPS and why are they important? – Intermediate Class #5

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Do you want to learn how to trade the stock market profitably? Even if you’re a beginner, you CAN trade stocks successfully by watching these next 5 easy to follow free courses!

This is class 5 of 5 of the INTERMEDIATE TRADING series of online classes.

What You Will Learn:
* The 4 GAP styles of the markets
* 4 signals that will help you time your entries better
* FINALLY understand the secret sauce behind gaps
* Unlock the mysteries of trend reversals
* One sure fire trick to know a trend could reverse

Hours of powerful material to practice before trading real money!

in USA: text NEWSOME to 55444
in Canada: text NEWSOME to (312) 487-3550

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David Reyes says:

J. You have changed my life and Mindset a lot, I'm amused that you share all these knowledge just for free and how humble you are.
I really look up to you.

Noel Borg says:

JN. what an amazing video and your close off at the end of the training video is stimulating. From all the Educators / Traders you are my favourite simply because you are humble. I have never met you but you really have a connection with your people. plus … you have a great sense of houmour. Noel

Mark OGuinn says:

Mr. Newsome, I came across you a few weeks ago (Wealth365) and have watched a handful of your videos. I appreciate what you're doing, but this training is missing a key point. You keep referring to the "black candles" as sentiment, and to a degree your right, it is selling sentiment, but you take it further and refer to all the selling at a black candle as shorts and the reversal is the result of a squeeze. It's not. The short interest in PYPL is only 12% of all the volume (varies daily of course but this is a reasonable recent daily average). Loads of other traders/institutions are selling positions outright for innumerable reasons and are not selling short and don't give a rip about trying to cover. If I'm wrong I will humbly accept your critique. If not how about a more nuanced explanation for this price action?

meeyoouuzeek says:

Truly appreciate this lesson. Thanks for sharing!

TJ Hussain says:

Loved it. Especially your personal story, very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

prasenjit naskar says:

Amazing class! Last 5min speech has motivated me more n more. One day if possible I will meet u in person.

Alaska Dream says:

Jeremy critiques in a positive manner, reviews material until understood, humble and beautiful touching story about dad! Outstanding!!!! THANK YOU!!!

M S says:

Best gap video ever 👌

Chen Tyson says:

Absolutely amazing class! The best I have watched!! Much appreciated!

Eric H says:

Praying things carry on to advanced and day trading classes. fingers crossed.

Kelby Henschen says:

I am in gold/silver mining companies along with uranium as of today. GDXJ,GDX,SILJ,GPL,MUX,UUUU,CCJ etc. Cheap oil and a high gold spot price should make their earnings/profit explode. Have been selling call credit spreads on certain stocks. 6 for 6 thus far on collecting the premium.

Kelby Henschen says:

Came across your credit spread videos the other day when searching for information about them. VERY GOOD content. Really appreciate it. Cheers from New Zealand!

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