What Brokerage Company Should I Use? | Penny Stocks

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John Jude says:

Schwab, Robinhood or others would NOT be a good platform due to PDT laws. and you need to have 25,000 in your account.

Spidi Gonzales says:

9.95$ per trade xD soooo much money lol…..I live in switzerland and the cheapest brokerage charges 4 cents per share PER TRADE! So if I buy 3700 shares and sell them you lost 300$ just for commissions. Additionally a 60$ stamp fee and the fee for currency conversion. yay -.-

Doot Derman says:

I use StreetSmartEdge. I like it,, but I don't know if I can do penny stocks? Can I?

Johnny Montana says:

I know how to trade just hit buy then sell easy as ABC jk am joking I love your videos all very helpful

R. G. says:

This video needs an update since fees changed lately …can you update please ???? What Brokerage company : small , medium, big investors …day trader, long term investor ..etc etc

Daniel Mehari says:

I liked the way you present it, thank you. Do you have a plan to mentor?

Tristan Engeler says:

What do you recommend for outside of the US

Raivons R1 says:

what about people outside US ,what are the best companies?

mamabear says:

Just came across your videos and Im very interested in learning how to trade and use bitcoins . Im new to all this . I hope I can learn from your videos 👍🏼

Channel X says:

Im in South Africa what can i use ? Alliance Trader?

Melissa Corral says:

you should really have the ;links posted of everything you mentioned for us to go visit

litoMX101 says:

Does any of your traders use SureTrader also you should make a video on how you do your taxes when your only income is trading stocks so the RIS don’t come after us trader lol but would be greatly appreciate

Erik says:

I have a Robinhood account and am looking to use a larger brokerage, is there anything to worry about when having an account with multiple brokerages?

Rabin Bhutia says:

Cheers for this, I have been researching "fx trading rules" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Anokeen Trading Tetaniformula – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my co-worker got amazing success with it.

Alejandro Nunez says:

What brokarage company can I use to trade penny stocks for a non us resident living in the US.

sezzal wills says:

Hello people, i would like to recommend you guys with IGCMARKET since I have using igc and trading like a pro. All credit goes to igc team and efforts. Actully one of my close friend recommended me this website, he is a trading expert and now i am on my wayt o become a trading exoert. I have used so many trading websites but i found igc as the best platform for trading.

Cherrie Serrano says:

what is the smallest amount you can open an account and with which broker?

Ebony Hayes says:

HEY I DONT KNOW IF YOU DID THIS VIDEO: Robinhood is good for so many reasons BUT……… it doesn't offer the option to purchase hundreds of excellent penny stocks & IPO's. Why not? Who does? I have a problem with someone telling what I can & cant buy!!

Abdallah Anwar says:

Doesn't the PDT rule apply to all accounts that do not maintain a balance at or above 25K at all times? This is why it is difficult to get into day trading.

Gordon Talents says:

Hey Ricky. Thank you so much for your nice videos. I wanna ask you about robin hood.

So, lets say if i invested 500$ and then half an hour later it increased 530$, then stocks falling down and i wanna sell them on 530$ in same hour, Can i do it in that short period of time on robin hood?

And after selling, can i invest the same money(530$) on another ones to make more money in the same day? Or I cant use the 30$ part? Do i have to wait for a couple of days to invest 30$? or i can just continue on day trading on the the same day, same hour?

I know i have 3 day-trade rights in 5 business trading days. Please let me know.

T H A N K S!!!!!!

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