What does the market crash say about China’s economy?

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The Chinese stock market dropped 7 percent in the first 29 minutes of trading, before shutting down to stem further losses. China’s second major crash in the past four days drove investor skittishness around the globe, including a Dow loss of nearly 400 points. Gwen Ifill learns more from David Wessel of the Brookings Institute.


smithdvr says:

Where do we get all our goods from CHINA from clothing , furniture and white goods. Basically china`s economy is holding up the American economy and Europe`s.

kensiu12 says:

Chinese stock market is in a learning process. Learning from Wall Street. Sooner or later, the Chinese stocks will grab all the investors from all over the world. Jim Roger is shorting Wall Street, buying China…

kougun2007 says:

The collapse of the Chinese economy will accelerate.
They fled everyone soon

Shanghai Noon says:

What does it say about America when your share market is in crisis mode too? You shouldn't have pinned all of your hopes on China. Now you're our bitch lmao.

Kitikorn Thipayamonthon says:

Time for Bitcoin ^^

Angelsy1 says:

Okay… I'll say what you guys were trying not to… it's the Great Fall of China.

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