What Don’t You Like About Trading Options?

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The question today is “What don’t I like about options?”.

There are many different markets you can trade in, where you can lose and earn money. All can be sources of great incomes, but some markets are less complicated than others, especially for beginners. When a person multitasks, when a person multi tasks their effectiveness drops by 50%. The problem with trading is that it can be a complicated process and that the goal of every trader should be to simplify the process as much as possible. That is crucial in order to learn how to trade, and in order to do so the easiest way. The risk ratio should be at minimum 2 to 1.

With options, you can make money of course. However, it is a more complicated market, where you need to do more things at the same time, which means that you are multitasking and you’re effectiveness will drop. So I think that trading in the the futures market is the best market for beginners. The same applies for Forex and Stocks.

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What Don’t You Like About Trading Options?


Cami Forgiven says:

Excellent video Marcello. I’ve traded forex and futures. I was curious about options.

Intelligent Speculator says:

Your answer is quite understandable since you are trying to sell something. But the truth is with options there are more ways to make money than there is with futures. Traders who are educated tend to do both since they both have advantages and disadvantages when one compares one to the other.

zns757 says:

E-mini S&P 500 futures dropped 100+ points today.. I missed so many opportunities.

Steven Burrell says:

Pleasant surprise I’m in Detroit a subscriber so I watch the video to a topic I would like Marcelo to cover and he is answering a question I had excellent all the way from Amsterdam God speed Marcelo ?

Mooskaxaaji says:

"10 people from 10 different countries, even from Africa"
Wow! There are over 50 African countries my friend.

Dian Guang says:

? Totally agree. CFD is probably the best instrument for beginners.

Johana Toro says:

#AskMarcello Hola Marcello, cuando va a estar disponible el funding account? donde me puedo registrar para el test? Gracias!

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