What Drives You For Success

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Not everyone is driven by the same things. What inspires some won’t necessarily inspire others. It’s important that you discover what helps motivate you. Motivation and inspiration are key in helping you stay committed to your goals. Here’s what really drives me…

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It’s nice to be able to indulge in the finer things in life. But it’s NOT everything. There are simple things you can do with money that can inspire even more happiness than material things.

I actually grew up in Connecticut and come from a middle-class background. And frankly, I owe SO much to my mom. If you’ve seen me on Wall Street Warriors, then you already know I’m a total mama’s boy. I have no problem admitting that.

So the best thing that I’ve ever done with my money is treating my family. I think my favorite purchase I’ve ever made was getting my parents out of Connecticut and buying them a place in Miami Beach.

Honestly, it was a beautiful gift, and it felt so good to be able to do that for the two people who mean the most to me.

I truly think the world would be a better place if people could treat their loved ones more often. I’ve treated myself, students, and friends too. But treating your family is just different. They brought you into this world, raised you, taught you, spent money and time on you — it’s an incredible feeling to try to pay them back.

They help inspire me … Every. Single. Day.

I want you to feel that way too. You need inspiration to stay motivated. Motivation helps drive your work ethic … Your work ethic is what helps keep you on the grind … And the grind can help bring you closer to your goals.

It’s the chain of events that can help drive the desire for success. You need to find what drives your inspiration. Trust the process!

How do you want to treat your loved ones? What are the goals that help you stay committed to trading? Drop a comment below and tell me what inspires you!

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Timothy Sykes says:

What are your goals that help you stay committed to trading?

Musa wb says:

wow..you'r nice kid tim

Michael Pollini says:

What the heck,… are you going to the electric chair???

Dragan_Simic says:

Thank you for this video. Family keeps us humble that's for sure.

Maqsoudi Adam says:

1.Pay of my parents debt anonymously
2. Refurbish their house
3. Spend 1-2 years in China learning Kung fu
4. Do some charity work.
5. Own 5 properties

Coy Rucker says:

I want to treat my family too. They've looked out a bunch as you know bro

Cory Miller says:

Absolutely. I've always said that if I ever "make it big" in life thenim paying off my debt, buying me a new truck but first, I would give both my parents each a large amount of money. They brought me into this world, taught me to be the man I am today. I am so grateful for everything they ever done for me, especially the @$$ whoopins.

R J says:

Hi, how are you doing? I have a question 4 U. Today I get stock Delta Air lines (DAL) earning report get positive they make a lot of money. But when market open stock went down. Can you help me? Maybe I was late or should wait for pullback. Thanks.

Zander Odom says:

If you have over 25,000 dollars in your account does that mean you are not under the pdt rule?

GuerrierMental says:

Hello Tim how are you?my name is warren I'm from Africa but living in USA at Omaha Nebraska I would like to be your student could you please show me what I need to learn to be a millionnaire to support my family back home

Henry Craig says:

Knowledge supports growth and performance.


Ultimate Grinder says:

I want to send my mom on all types of vacations

Yolmaris Rodriguez says:

Definitely, my main goal is to support my family

MarquitosBelo says:

If i subscribe for penny stock silver and don't like it , can i cancel in the first month ?

Book Buku says:

I want to treat my mom because she's the best and I hope I can repay her as fast as i can

Louis Illes says:

I love that you keep it straight one 100 for me was a sandwich and some grape Kool-Aid and a bag of BBQ chips always goes hard. man you bring back memories

Tess Lamping says:

I want to be able to take care of my family like they have me and set up a future for my child. ♡ that's my motivation

Walter Bocel says:

asta se me antojo tu sanguich tim jajaja

Rick Ross says:

No family doesn’t motivate me I’m selfish and I want a lavish life I want the world that’s what motivates me

Travis Patton says:

That’s the best number 1 thing I Will do

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