What FOMC Did To The Stock Market Today – ECB, Brexit, China Trade Deal, & Bitcoin

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There was 3 big events in the stock market today! First it was the ECB which had a minor effect as everything went as expected. Then there was the EU summit with the Brexit extension, which is currently still being decided on. Then there was the FOMC, which in the following minutes of its releases caused stocks and currencies to move. We will see how the market digests this all tomorrow and the stock market this week. If the market can put these head winds behind it, earnings season is fast approaching and is going to be the main focus for stocks for the second half of the year!

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Sheldon Mills says:

Brexit extension making things interesting. Will be a great learning opportunity seeing how it affects things.

Chewie 13 says:

It's an uphill battle

ReptiLe says:

Ayee my Yolo BBBY Put going strong! Goodluck everyone!

MTG Enhancer says:

I really wish Jeff Bishop would go fly a kite

pacificstandard says:

Brexit extension thru October 31 offered to T. May and U.K., CNBC broke story AH.

Matthew Paradise says:

Lyft was the play today no? Some contracts from .05 to 2.05

It's Brian says:

Got bent on bbby lol a small yolo play though.

Sergio Perez says:

TTF ! Senor Josh,bless up boss

Nick says:

BBBY earnings though damn

Janessa Zeppa says:

Great title!!

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