What Happened In The Stock Market Today – I LOST $4,000 TRADING OPTIONS

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The stock market only closed down about a quarter of a percent but it was a wild volatile ride. The interesting part though, there weren’t too many factors today that drove the market. It seemed to be a reaction from the failed brexit deal and some battles in the white house over building the wall and the government shutdown. Beyond that though, it seems the market was being driven in a continuation from the factors earlier this week and month. I talk about what happened today and give my analysis on the stock market in the short term. I briefly talk about also how I lost $4,000 trading options today given the volatility in the market and how that comes into play with option pricing and premiums. I will make another video on this today so if you want to learn from my $4,000 lesson, it’s on me haha but let me know if you guys got questions!

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Grant Ganley says:

Shits brazy

glocks thetrader says:

We dont need a mf wall waste of fuckin noney

Valentin Antonenko says:

I like quote: "it's not problem if you always win". It means to me that you either win in the situation or you learn from this experience to apply new knowledge and make even more money in the future.

wspy music says:

Where do you read/get your news?

Jeremy McMahon says:

Im not as tuned into ur channel as much yet but lowkey come for the intro music every vid

Aornum says:

Please stop posting videos every 2hrs, one video a day is more than enough and a live stream would be nice.

you keston says:

Any new sounds? I like the rap and set it as my ringtone good video

Jonathan A says:

We don't need more gurus talking about all their wins. I appreciate the transparency, that really helps me learn, learning from wins and losses of others

Malhadas51 Takamatoshy says:

Ueah bud do that video about the politics and whats really going on… a different video why not

Malhadas51 Takamatoshy says:

Thanks man always enjoy your content even if i aint no money to play in the market

Walter Mercado says:

Nice to know you are human. I kept thinking you were just some robot that came from the future to flex on YouTube and hang out with Princes of Persia. Jk. You the realist in the game.

Adam Fulton says:

stoked for tomorrow

carnin says:

You win or you’ll learned.

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