What Happens When the Fed STOPS Printing Money? Will the Stock Market CRASH?

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The Money GPS says:

Do you think that the market can rise without QE?

Ice Vodka says:

As they say, agenda's change

you keston says:

The crush cannot happen because of all these buybacks good video

Asgard Technology says:

Hi . I was wondering why you dont take a look at supply and demad for copper ie: see how mutch copper are producded how much stocks of copper is building up from overproduction. Price alone isnt indicative of industrial activitie and whith new technology advancements : we can produce more at cheaper price … looking forward you for a reply thanks. I was also wondering what is your background ? History student ?

nomdu guerre says:

Make Iraq ship back those pallet loads.

Parfour80 #pro says:

It’s Chinese water torture, what the Zionist Jews bankers at the federal reserve are doing to the middle class

Q says:

Hi David, great videos and great books. Could you please do a video using Chart 25: How Fed tightening cycles end, and explain why the Fed can’t get their target rate above roughly 3%. If you look further back on the chart you can see for a period of time, around 1940’s the Fed rate was almost zero, and from that point on there is an overall uptrend for almost 40 years until the peak in 1982 at 20%. Why can’t there be another 40 year uptrend from the current Fed funds target low? Thank you .

Ach Bachaayar LaTazayawan says:


Jane Doe says:

The cost of Coca-Cola did, very recently, double at the Walmart by us….lol!

SURVIVING Julie Silversmyth says:

Talked to a friend yesterday. She told me she’s getting her fresh fruits and vegetables from the food bank. If I had known I would’ve brought her some from my garden. She’s retired divorced or widowed lives with her son and they share a car.

Damien Wright says:

I thought the FED was going to expand there balance sheet as the US Government needs
more debt ?

Econ Lessons says:

You are expressing yourself metaphorically, M2 is fairly stable, so they are not rolling out the printing presses, but, the Fed more precisely controls 'purchasing power' though its tools such as OMO/rates, QE etc. The discretionary power of the Fed is what is concerning. The Fed will try to unwind its balance sheet, while the corporate tax rate cut has a stimulus effect and potentially real growth effect. However, that does not mean that the Fed is pursing the optimal policy for our society. What do you think the chances of ever going back to a gold standard?

jackgoldman1 says:

I paid 10% – 18% – 10% building houses and now I get zero per cent when I am lending in my 401k. I have no stocks after two crashes. This chart of 4% to 18% to 4%, to zero seem like the baby boom chart to me. Demographics. Credit is not money. Debt notes are not money. Credit cards are not money. Debt is not money. A claim on others is not money. Only gold is money. Central banks hold GOLD. Central banks also counterfeit currency. Cash is counterfeit. Computer credits are counterfeit. Credit cards are counterfeit. It's all a fake, fantasy, pretend, fake world, fake news, fake television, fake pay, fake money. We are being herded into a fake counterfeited world where labor is paid with counterfeit currency. Anyone who works for counterfeit currency is a free debt slave. We are now being enslaved.

Paul Sommerhalder says:

I like your charts, nice presentation, it's a shame that you're delivering bad news.

Lajos Marczin says:

fed may not  stop the printing , but countries  may phase out  using dollar.

jj H says:

You fail to understand what has been happening and what will continue as global macroeconomic events effect US markets and the dollar. The largest consulting firm on the planet, Armstrong Economics, has computer modles that track everything including both domestic and international capital flows. Back in 2009 they forecast that Europe is beginning to collapse and as we move forward capital will flow out of there yo dollars and the Dow. The forecast when the Dow as at 6000 was to hit 22,000 first and then to 23,000 and during the last leg od the European collapse to around 40,000 with the dollar gaining strength. SWe have hit the first two levels and the dollar has gained strength since then. The models forecast as we move to the end of 2018 the capital out of there will accelerate again and the shit hits the fan around 2020/21 there. For months were have witnessed a period of consolidation and trillions are on the sidelines waiting for this last leg up as Europe finally goes. Currently we see US money mangers sell capital from Europe moving in to buy. Folks this is capital flight and will not only continue but accelerate causing massive dollar strength and moving up dollar based assets.
When Draghi at the ECB went to negative rates, (the ECB charging banks to park excess capital there), Yellen was furious as she knew this would only move more capital out to dollars and the Dow. The FED has been desperate to stop this capital flight ever since as a strong dollar is not good for the US nor the rest of the planet. Banks in Europe have opened branches in the US converting euros to dollars and parking at the FED in addition to loaning capital here. Draghi has destroyed the bond market there and has been buying or guaranteeing both sovereign and corporate debt as there is no market. If they continue the euro goes faster and if the stop interest rates skyrocket and collapse all of Europe faster. Capital is simply moving out and parking her in dollar based assets. This is the trying force behind dollar strength and dollar based assets.
Unfortunately for years the net has become full of people claiming the dollar and Dow will collapse "any day". Only the unexperienced trader or investor buys into this bullshit and it has caused many to move out of equities and they have lost almost all of their retirement instead of sitting on top of small fortunes. This is the real harm these people do.
Now both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac do not have trillions in garbage loans. These loans have much higher lending standards then conventional loans because they are guaranteed by the taxpayers. It was the conventional loans made by mortgage brokers and lenders that were place in pools of $25 million each and sold to investors here and worldwide. These are the subprime loans called MERS loans,( Mortgage Electronic Registration System) and caused the 2008/9 crisis.

Dean says:

I love your information. Being a Real Estate Broker for 17 years and having lived through the last bubble, I see all the same signs again. It is common sense if nothing else that the real estate bubble in the US is building and will eventually crash. When disposable or discretionary income dries up that is when the market will tank. Great Info

David Dalton says:

So could they collapse the present economy if they wanted? ???

Daniel Tomas says:

They will keep printing and raising interest. That's what they always do, and why inflation grows.They will crash when they are ready, not before. It is their game.

4711Express says:

You have been squashed down?!?

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