What I Look for In Stock Trading Software

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A lot of people ask me what I look for in my stock trading software. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/poGZTm Get INSTANT alerts when I post a new video outlining my penny stock trading techniques:

I cannot recommend https://stockstotrade.com/ enough. My team and I worked our butts off building this thing, and it has been an incredible feat. Let me tell you that I usually use E-Trade Pro.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that great with some of these penny stocks, no software does. It’s not E-Trade’s fault; no one specializes in penny stocks. Sometimes, on the big percent gainers list, which is the main tool that I would use for any software because every day I’m looking for what’s hot, I’m looking for what’s in play, I’m looking at big percent gainers, I’m looking at stocks hitting the high of the day, HOD.

Https://stockstotrade.com/ has both a big percent gainers list and a HOD box so I can see stocks that are moving. Also, StocksToTrade has big percent gainers over like, three and five days which is very useful; it’s not just one day.

Unfortunately, most software like E-Trade, don’t always include a lot of these penny stocks because they’re on weird exchanges. Some of them are pink sheets, some of them are gray sheets, some of them are NASDAQ, some of them are very small companies.

None of these big companies care about the little guy. That’s why, frankly, I have a business, because there’s an opportunity. With people with small accounts, you need to focus on these little stocks that no one pays attention to; they’re easier.

But if you don’t see them in your software, if you’re not scanning them, you might miss a very good play.

If you don’t like penny stocks, that’s cool, don’t necessarily trade them. But, for me, I’ve always made more money using these kinds of stocks, just because there are no big hedge funds, there are none of the most legit top traders are trading these little stocks, there’s just not enough money. So the competition is easier for me. Yeah, that’s the best thing that I can tell you with regards to the software. You need to be able to track these little penny stocks.

You need to be able to see their news, you need to see their big percent gains, and you need to see when they’re hitting the high of the day. And StocksToTrade has so many more features. They programmed it with 40 plus of my scans built in.

I have a lot of different scans; it’s not just one big percent gainers. So we’re looking at earnings winners, we’re looking at a whole bunch of different patterns, and this is all prebuilt into https://stockstotrade.com/ software. You can also add new custom searches, and I like the Twitter scanner.

Tim Bowen has a bunch of video lessons on the StocksToTrade channel, if you want to check that out, on how to search Twitter for low float stocks, or specific penny stock patterns. And that’s very useful, built in the right into StocksToTrade, most of the software out there doesn’t have that. Especially dealing with these small stocks, I think that’s probably the biggest advantage.

I’m looking for stocks that are in play, I’m looking for stocks that are talked about, I’m looking for big percent winners. I just wanna see active stocks. There’s a thousand plus, I mean there’s 7,000 plus penny stocks, but there’s a thousand plus press releases every day, most of it is just noise.

Use this tool; the stock market is a battlefield. And you’re trading software is your weapon. So you don’t want to come to a battlefield where everyone else has machine guns, and you have a knife, you’re going to get massacred. StocksToTrade arms you and gives you a good spot on the battlefield.

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Snap Snap says:

Pretty sure Tim Sykes doesn’t make his own trades anymore he has a group of people that make trades for him based on his methods. He’s selling you an idea, a format that worked for him originally but now he’s making money from subscribers and content. He doesn’t have the time to go and research these stocks or to even understand new waves & patterns. It’s all a mechanism now which is fine but don’t get disillusioned into thinking he’s doing all these other things AND trading successfully. He’s outsourcing.

Adam Sciberras says:


trad 1 says:

Just watched an episode of the TV series below Deck with Tim sikes . He is the most obnoxious, arrogant , egotistical cunt I have ever witnessed. I don't know how nobody threw him overboard.

Sereda says:

I will use stocks to trade

Zaur Gochiayev says:

How can I connect STT with my Etrade account ?

Matt Donoghue says:

I will use stt

Dušan Grgič says:

I wil use stt cose i belive in you and the software i try it is great. Thx. 🙂

Doug Mohn says:

I will use stt..

Henry Craig says:

Knowledge supports growth.

Anamaria Lopez says:

I will use STT

Christopher Tillman says:

I will use STT!!

M C says:

I will use stocks to trade

Chippy says:

What's the difference with using an advance charting platform and newsfeed vs stock to trade? Is there anything unique that you wouldnt get?

Kfc Specialist says:

I will use STT but man why did you raise the price again? I was literally going to buy it a week ago but now its like at $179. F**k man but whatever like you said invest in your education. >: I

Samy Trader Junior says:

Out of my budget for now, but will definetly use STT in the future ! I do use many tools to scan the stocks on the smaller markets, but it would be awesome to have all of them in one place, thanks that STT exists 🙂

Ross Fruth says:

I will use STT

Stan Carver says:

I will use STT


I will use STT

Mikiyas Wubshet says:

TC 2000 is the BEST TRADING SOFTWARE! very cheap too. I use E Trade Pro for News and Level 2. STT is very expensive.

Clay Huber says:

STT is the tits!!

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