What I'm Trading Tomorrow – 2020 Stock Market Crash – Options Trading Watchlist

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The government is trying to save us with a $1 trillion stimulus package. We had a green day but it was a weak rally overall. I’m currently trading /ES, SPY and AAPL

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Gustavo Cervantes says:

Great video bro
Do you have videos were you teach how to start option trading i been in the stock only 7 months so have along way to go i got a good amount to invest but dont wanna go in heavy and loose until i learn alot more any videos whould be real helpful tanks

Carl Douglas says:

new watch list CAH, CLX, LLY,ABBV, holding silver and gold

Chris Regalado says:

Watched till the end. New sub, pretty good information

nik maknojia says:

Bro all this is so damn scary. I wanted to make money during recession but not like this. Don’t wanna see people around me suffer

Christopher Reynosa says:

Learned a phat lesson today.. it’s a new day tomorrow👊🏼

Manny Ayala says:

Watched to the end, Thanks Nick, I'm working on wide spreads now. Example: UPS its holding well at a low around the 80s to the lower 90s now. I think the company will not go down from there. With everyone inside and online sale are doing well, so will shiping. Im going well but the only thing is the wide spreads and making the fill on them.

Rob Irwin says:

To the end maan! Took profits on TLT before it went down earlier today and avg. down on some AAPL 300 calls that I'm in for friday. Ready for this stimulus news effect on SPY/AAPL!!

Alex Molina says:

Watched till the end. Got in a small call debit spread on BA today made 70 jumped into a put debit spread EOD today for spy

T5yll4 says:

Been a while Nick..good to see you.

Keith Whittington says:

To the end. Remember when we thought the trade war was a bitch?

Gerrylynn Mako says:

I got a 20 point trade in COST today. Bought it on the thirty minutes mark after the drop and sold in the last minutes. Best trading day I had in awhile. Lol

panagranit pana says:

So the futures are down now so how would you trade this for tomorrow if they continue to be negative? And I know you're gonna say something about that on the video

Boris Sodji says:

Are you sober Nick ? 🤣

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