What is a Bond?

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Investing in bonds can be a great way to add income and diversification to your portolio. What are bonds? Watch this 3-minute video provided by E*TRADE to learn more about how bonds work and how buying bonds could add value to your portfolio. Like and share.


Ernest Watson says:

So confusing when the ISSUER is the Borrower and the Holder is the lender. Should be the other way around.

Mohemmed Sohaib says:

Subscribed !! i like the animation and the style how you explained it ! (y)

IAmKidPain says:

Easy to understand!

Rennesha Easington says:

was really helpful..thanks

Iqbal Ahmed says:

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If I could hold your heart I would keep it safe. Even when I trip and fall, and even when I break down, I would hold your heart close to mine, so it doesn't see the same damage

sovereignsilver says:

Wonder if my birth certificate is a bond? 

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