What Is An Earnings Winner? My $5,000+ Profit Today

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NLS Finished @ $11, +$1.08/share from my buy alert during a live http://tim.ly/sykesmc webinar, ATSG finished @$9.25, +10% from my chat alert, read http://tim.ly/kisstim for more details


tantrictoa says:

beautiful………thanks Timothy.

ryan moore says:

Alsso, with my example of $HDY how can you tell if the next day the stock will continue to go up or start to go down.

will strickland says:

Damn l love listening to this guy. Learn so much !!

Brian Henning says:

bank of ireland must be the next penny stock skyrocketing!!

Brian Henning says:

hey tim, what's on your watch list tomorrow? I wanna take action big time. thank you.

ryan moore says:

Tim, it would be greatly appreciated it you answer my question in the form of a video. $HDY shot up 200% monday. in the morning it spiked 60% and throught the rest of the day it slowly went up to 200%. Can you tell me how to tell if a stock will continually going up throughout the day or not.

kjsilvia90 says:

Tim you are the fucking man kills it every time thank you for all the great lessons … give a man a fish feed him for a night teach a man to fish you fed him for a life time thank you for teachin me to fish 

justaesthetics says:

Watch plug in the next week, over 30% of it's shares are currently shorted and there is bound to be a squeeze in the very near future!

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