What Is Bitcoin Gold? The Upcoming Hard Fork – 088

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aptkp says:

I am new to this fork thing. I have 10 bit coins in my Ledger Nano S. I am confused. What should I be doing when the fork happens? How will I get my bitcoin gold? I assume it's like some dividend? Does the exchange (I used Kraken) pay me? If somebody could walk me through this I truly appreciate. Thanks.

Ashutosh Kumar says:

Btc gold at cheap price now

Hard Fork on October 25.

Buy on C-Cex.

Read on google and you can buy on ccex. Find on coinmarketcap as btcgold see the price is soaring

Ezra Goldfinkelsteinberg says:

Free fucking money count me in. Bitcoin will change the world. This only buy more OG bit coin, you will receive all the forks: simple

Al Rowe says:

If you're already on the segwit chain, will you still receive BTCgold? Or do you have to be on the original chain?

Danny FromtheBlockchain says:

This is necessary for stopping seg2x from allowing ver and wu to take control of Bitcoin and making the core developers obsolete

john wesley says:

This is a FRIENDLY FORK. It's meant to compliment Bitcoin so that there can be apps developed on top of the bitcoin network which would make it easier for the normal person to use BITCOIN. You should really do your homework

Troy Van der says:

seem to be converting to an ICO; http://bitcoindark.com/

Troy Van der says:

where do you get the miner vs dev info

gofukursef says:

Never been a fan of Bitcoin, and only use it to purchase other cryptos.

daydreams4rock says:

anything bitcoin is good with me

Steinar Vattekar Ulvestad says:

Hey man! Love your videos. I see them as pretty reliable news and been checking in regularly over time. Thanks man!
I fear that these forks are completely destroying the notion of "fixed supply" and slowly ruin the highs that can be reached in bitcoin. Yes, the narrative is "upgrade in technology", "resisting the centralized power of miners" but eventually, we end up walking the same direction as fiat money; printing out of thin air. 
If I were a central bankster and feared btc, I guess getting in at the back end, colluding with miners, engineering problems with the tech and engineering solutions that will support the watering down of btc exclusive supply. 
What are your thoughts on this?

Particle Config. says:

If anyone has an idea of on which exchange BTC Gold should appear at november 1st I'd be most grateful.

Clorox Bleach says:

Shitcoin Gold.

Zijush Shabani says:

excuse me , I have one question how can mining bitcoin gold !

Particle Config. says:

What are the preconditions?, I mean is it a prerequisite that BTC is in your wallet for an X-amount of time in rodr to receive hard fork token? I guess not since it'd only serve logic when an even- to bitcoin amount on the web gets spread for the number of coins would be the same. Just asking because ethereum HF works differently.

TitanSilver354 says:

BTC, BCH, BTG, what's the fourth?

Crypto Support Channel says:

I expect Bitcoin Kryptonite by 2019

NS Farm says:

Can anyone create a coin ? I need 112 million USD. Should i create a new coin and ico it ?

Josh Domsky says:

Theres already more then 4 Bitcoins…..that have been around, but of course theres only one real Bitcoin, and that will always be the only real Bitcoin, the others are just Altcoins wishing they were the King Crypto. BitcoinDark has been around but is in the process of transferring in to Komodo, thats where Komodo came from. Theres also all of these, BitcoinCash, Bitcoin Plus, Bitcoin Scrypt, BitcoinTX, BitcoinFast, Bitcoin 21, First Bitcoin. Great work on all your videos by the way, I enjoy your channel! Thanks brother!!!

Norad says:

Hell yeah, i can't wait to mine btc gold with my gpu. Asic is too damn loud for my tiny apartment.

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