What is Bitcoin?

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A quick guide on the Bitcoin blockchain and how to buy BTC with a wallet.
How to mine cryptocurrency: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9JIanRXsfU
Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/

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So Cool says:

Who cares what it is? Is it worth it?

Bennet Green says:

avoid the bittrex garbage exchange bittrex garbage bittrex garbage bittrex garbage

Supersarcasticdude says:

next level money

Custos Venetus says:

🌳 🐺 What a scam… 🐺 🌳

mel shapiro says:

just lost my job, All I want for xmas is a bitcoin, Help a girl out! 13TdH16sAXsLiUhUta13JiHTSa5ncydoSi

Doug says:

Absolute garbage. This clown makes money from idiots watching his video, not from following his own advice in the BTC market.
Don't walk away from this crap. Run…. And get a job.
Thank and God bless you and God bless America and President Trump who is making America great again.

Mr.Above Average says:

Puts $1,000 into bitcoin

Gets $5.89
On the road to a lamborginni, let’s go fam 🤘😤

Astraeusmood says:

It is profitable to mine if you have access to the right hardware at the right time, a very reliable source of cheaper than usual electricty, and a lot of money to invest ($50-100k plus minimum). If bitcoin wasn't profitable to mine then these people would not be investing million in R&D of ASICS specifically for mining bitcoin. it's just that availability to these ASICS is very limited, hopefully there will be more competition in ASIC manufacturing world 2018-2020.

Fuck Google says:

Only nerd faggots get "excited" over "Bitcoin"……….

Lena Lambert says:

Coverage act woman collection mark lung therapist something at conversation

Williams Becker says:

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Bob Bartho says:

Stupid… There is no real value in bitcoin, other than foolish people buying and selling smoke. The last one's to sell it will lose their shirts. Ponzi scheme.

FUDGE says:

Can I use a Mac to mine bitcoin

CoolVideos4Life says:

1. I prefer actual cards that I can carry 2. I don’t want people to know how much money I have because it’ll just make them want to rob some people more and it sound absolutely stupid.

Taylor says:

1KNkhvk79YACTAAprAuCSFBoFQWTU4G7Vj plz help me plz mine my bitcoin address

Pescado Tejano says:

What happens when the block chain gets hacked and cleared? What are you Left with? This is the same reason we worry about the American dollar. Not being backed by anything means it can devalue COMPLETELY, SUDDENLY.


It's untracable dark web currency. Done. Now quit talking

How to get bitcoins?

Try bit coin mining it's easy

You also need 1 million satoshi for 1 bitcoin

LegendaryXYZQ says:

Why should anyone want a virtual currency?

MobileDecay says:

I have no clue what you are talking about. I feel old for not knowing this shit.

My choice says:

any body wants bitcoin subscribe my chanel and send me your bitcoin wallet id

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