What is driving the stock market selloff?

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Peter Morici, University of Maryland economist, on why the stock market is hitting new lows and the problems with increased government spending.


Jack Roth says:

Give me a break. The market is overvalued and will go down to a lower P/E. Investors just got a little carried away by the Trump effect.

Steven Karma says:

I thought it was basic knowledge that printing money creates inflation?

Michael Ryan says:

Trump obviously. If you own it on the way up…

Harrison Angus says:

“If the financial crisis taught us any thing, it’s that printing lots money doesn’t cause inflation”

It sure caused inflation in asset prices.

Tommy Kopec says:

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hen fran says:

Corrupt money. The. Market is stealing from us . It's all a sham .

nvsbl2 says:

Why don't you people open your eyes! Big money is manipulating, flexing their muscles!

Caleb O'Brien says:

Thats what happens when you make $ for doing nothing, you have no product to back it up. Sad go do something actually helpful.

Xx Xx says:

Federal Reserve overplayed their hand after last recession….all those treasury and corporate bonds are maturing and they want the money. Money has to come from somewhere….it will be pulled out the market. This ship is going down hard. Better get into cash or gold.

Patrick B says:

market is going down down down down. brace yourself for the big one. i sold my stocks.

jamali hamilton says:

MAGA (morons are governing american)

Dom Tor says:

So much winning with trump and his kleptocratic administration!

After 8 years of hard work, recovery and growth under Obama and the previous Congress, now the new administration’s impact begins. Just like when Bush started the last Great Recession.

Chad Woodside says:

The Top 1% are getting scared…. boo hoo hoo….

The Real Deal says:

People that are involved in stocks are the dumbest fucking people on earth. Complete corrupt ponzi scheme. I hope you all lose everything you own. Dumb fucks.

Pat Kin says:

Those who have tried to destroy the country cannot stand to see it succeed and are working to bring it down via the markets. I'm not talking about the scared sheep.

Tiger Long says:

wall street wolves are cashing out the dow jones and planning to attack the European share markets.

David Maxson says:

Repricing… Look at yields! Look at monthly chart of crude oil…. Run up to 140's and then look at indexes… Hehe

Brown Man says:

Live in fear you fags

Enjoy your fear

Elizabeth See says:

Republican for president. Republicans run both houses. But this must be the Democrats fault. Typical Fox BS.

jacob edwards says:

This was planned! They got everyone money invested then they crash it to steal it! Pretty simple really!

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