What Is Futures And Options Trading? F&O Explained By CA Rachana Ranade

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Learn What is futures and options? how and why the F&O trading is done?
In this video learn the basics of the F&O market from #CARachanaRanade. F&O trading is a very interesting subject in #StockMarkets and one must have knowledge about the #F&O segment.
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jay solanki says:

yes absolutely ma'm…we want to learn further more about F&O , bonds and all the things which make a investor intelligent…
the way you teach is great………..thank you ma'm .. keep growing us.

Piyush Magarde says:

Please help us on f&o segment mam

Rm Patel says:

Excellent learning..

Vijay T says:

Nicely explained basic..
Thanks for your efforts.
Can you take few more episodes on f n o with live or off market example on any trading platform like zeerodha..
So that we will understand how to keep and square off the orders in f n o.
I am the beginner.. so will be helpful for beginners.


Good lecture

Vishal Ghorpade says:

Thanks a Lot Ma'am for this introductory session. Very well explained. I would love to understand further details on this topic of F and O. I am sure, only you can make people learn this comolex concept by your simplified way of explaining.

Yogendra Kumar says:

Yes madam plz make f&o pathsala 😊 videos

Nishant Shah says:

Yes mam, we would like to our options in future ♥️🤘

Hemnadh V D says:

You have an uncanny knack of explaining things most simplest possible manner , jaiho
Wonderfully simplifying the complex tech concepts please enlighten us to the fullest in F & O

Siva Sai Prashanth N says:

Finally on F/O ….lookin frwd for more details….Thank you sooooooo much… (:

Ram Krishan says:

es, madam. Of course, we need a series on F&O. I tried many times to understand F&O, but my brain never accepted it. Now I am at least clear about the topics you covered. You are the best. Thanks..Jai Hind

Rahul Baraskar says:

Yes yes we want to know how call and put works and some tips too 🙌

Sagar Chainani says:

There is a tool called Sensibull. Consider making a video on that?

Karan Patel says:

Yes ma'am make it

ekum sethi says:

Rachna madam f&O series will be much appreciated😬😬

Saikumar Vantaku says:

Yes mam please make video on futures and options

Govind Singh says:

Thanks 😇
Please make video on different BTW option and future

ashok alapati says:

please make a series on f&o madam

Sweet Home says:

Yes, mam. Of course, we need a series on F&O with your style

Madhura Kulkarni says:

Please make a series on F&O. It is very interesting.

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