What Is Robinhood Cash Vs. Margin Account | FAQ Trading Penny Stocks

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Carmelia Snow says:

Thanks that was helpful!

Needalifesoon says:

When you sign up for RobinHood you now get a instant account. No longer a cash account. You have to downgrade. I sent Robinhood a e-mail and they said they changed it.

Ryan ODonnell says:

Thank you! very helpful video

Snax says:

what u think about NAKD which had a conference tonight? and RNN was rising to the moon do you think it will consistently rising? and lastly, is it time for auph to fall?

Masterpkerko1 says:

what bank info does RH ask for when making an account ? Routing number ? etc can anyone list the requirements

Jordan Macquarrie says:

great info as always!

Leo Castro says:

Yeah $25,000 grand is needed to day trade

Elias H says:

Great informative and clear video as always!

kreteman777 says:

Hmm… i was under the impression you had to have 25k in order to daytrade without getting flagged. At least that's what I thought I read. Yep, that's what I read.

Nishka Anna-lee says:

Do you trade with 25k account for unlimited day trade?

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