What is stock market and how do you benefit? | For Beginners' | Learn with Panomac #1

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This video is meant for beginners who want to start and learn about stock markets. More videos shall be uploaded soon.

Free learning – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIXsET3_zL8&list=PLz1s2VOU-Q8Mx0jLKX3zlIdito_iC39hE

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Alok Kumar says:

Can you elaborate more on the research?

vishal gupta says:

Congrats 5k views cross

Divy Soni says:

Thank you so much Sir there many doubts which are now cleared up.

Om Ghawalkar says:

Very informative

ankita markan says:

Very informative video!

Ananya Prakash says:

Thank you SIr! ^_^

Owais Kadiri says:

All basics cleared about stock market.
Thank you sir!

Srishti Ranjan says:

Well a very good explanation, can be understood by person of any background.

Manan Singhal says:

The video was very well articulated.

Palakeerthi Polaiah says:

Very good explanation sir,I'm taking internship program of your company

minaxi kataith says:

It's good explanation sir thank you for sharing concept of stock market.

prem s. says:

Thank u sir well explained

Madhusmita Acharya says:

Thank you sir. Video was very informative and clearly explained about stockmarket

Tanu Khandelwal says:

Phenomenal video!!! Your video was really good and all the concept are clearly explained. Thank you.

kruti tataria says:

This video was very informative. Thank you Sir.

Abhinav Sood says:

Please correct it's NSDL not NDSL.


its good way to explain but I found a mistake. Its "NSDL" not NDSL in Depositories.

Priyanka Singh says:

Very informative video. Thank you.

Sagar Shinde says:

Thank you sir nice concept.

Ponnu Mariam Joice says:

Thank you sir, good explanation

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