What is The BEST Play in the Stock Market RIGHT NOW?

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0:05 A lot of people ask me about the best plays in the stock market right now. You want to know where to put your money.

1:00 It doesn’t matter what is hot right now in the stock market, the best play you can make right now is to invest in yourself. Learn the patterns, learn the stock market.

2:20 The best plays are always changing but the one thing you can do is invest in yourself.

4:00 I know you don’t want to study the stock market, I know you just want hot picks but you have to learn the patterns and study so you know what to look for in the stock market.

4:45 Focus on your studies and send this video to someone who is asking you for hot picks. Invest in yourself, learn and grow. Knowledge is always the best investment.


Broke and Boujee says:

I go between watching older and newer videos. You have put SO MUCH free knowledge on the internet over the past few years, it is insane. All you have to do is look. I have every page of your Penny Stocking 101 guide bookmarked on my browser for reference. Planning on taking advantage of your birthday sale and buying a year of PS Silver 😀


José Ignacio Belossi says:

Investing in me, is investing time in you.

Rory Feliciano says:

Yo sykes. Is that the same Rolex you threw across the room a couple years back at Harvard?

Maria Rosales says:

I would like to take a course in Trading than go back to college. Thanks

Maria Rosales says:

Hello Tim! When will you have a course for beginners? Like zero knowledge and experience in Trading? Thanks

Frank Danna says:

Self sufficient trading is my goal, Thanks Tim!

brandon marsh says:

thought u were in japan?

Travis Schaefer says:

Best investment is not in the stock market anymore. Penny stocks are played out

Joseph Zinser says:

Great advice! If this is the first time you've seen Tim, take it to heart! Still studying Jamil's book. Great book! Has filled in a lot of the questions that I just assumed right or wrong before. At the same time I have started going back over all of Tim Bohens videos on the mechanics of stocks to trade! Such amazing software compared to what I was doing before. The screeners are amazing!

Hossam Atta says:

Omg, why would you donate $170,000. looool

Mari Roux says:

Glad to see you are in south africa 🙂 would have loved to be inspired by you in person, I am close to Durban though. Used to live in Cape Town, it is beautiful there, hope to move back one day…Enjoy your holiday and thanks for taking the time to post videos on youtube.


I am trusting in God Almighty following your wisdom. Thank you.

Melo x says:

Where can I find these study guides?

Oinotna Iramida says:

hello Tim, I joined a penny stock silver … because I want to watch all your 5,000 video lessons, and you know what I started from the last,round 2012 …… when I finish you will advise me a DVD … .. how to make a million dvd already seen it 2 times and the second time I took notes on everything.

Colin says:

How do you prepare on the weekends for the market that coming week?

Kittyhome says:

The last couple days Biotech/Pharma penny stocks are going ballistic, having multi month break outs….

Jason Okeefe says:

Lmao thanks for the after school special, princess! You're totally right though!

stéphane caussade says:

Let see price over usd 1 / relative volume over 5 ie current volume over 5 times current vol/ price change from open up /
guess what ticker i like stock intelsat change 30 % from open today

Jerrod Tham says:

That was what Warren Buffet said.

icon says:

Hey tim dont get mad man but i just wanted to ask what do you think the best play in the stock market is right now?

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