What It’s Like Being Mentored by Tim Sykes, with Tim Grittani and Michael Hudson

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People are always telling me they want to be my student. But, what is it REALLY like to be mentored by me? In this exclusive interview, two of my top students share their experiences.

Tim Grittani, one of my first millionaire students, started as a Silver subscriber and decided to join the Challenge because he was serious about learning and wanted more content.

As a Challenge student, Grittani gained access to weekly and archived webinars.
“They were always very entertaining webinars,” he says. “[Sykes] answers a lot of questions, and really holds you accountable.”

What does he like about working with me? “You understand [Sykes] has your best interest at heart and he’s just going really over the top to make a point,” says Grittani. “And it helps make it stick …”

Michael Hudson joined my Inner Circle three years ago and since then his life has changed completely. Wait’ll you hear his story.

Listen to what my students have to say. I want you to succeed! It isn’t easy; you have to put in the effort. Do you have what it takes?

Are you one of my students? What has your experience been like? Leave a comment below and share your feedback.

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Hellen Jacob says:

Very good advice. I'm up 50% past year trading pot stocks . My trader Mr mike harry trade apha , cgc, acb, cronos….CGC is my favorite

Simon says:

Love your new videos Tim

Wayne Willmore says:

Love it!!!!!

Alex Krotz says:

I will become one of your students. Italy in a villa eating and trading sounds fun 😉

Dean O'Connor says:

So cool seeing these young guys coming through and with your support Tim, I know I'm still in my infancy on this journey but don't forget us older guys 🙂

coulton bishop says:

Tim is like mister miyagi i have learned to sit on my hands very soon one day i will be a top student thanks a lot tim big inspiration thank u so much

Sade Warren Helping MOM's STRESS LESS says:

Hey Tim i saw you on Steve Harvey show i was inspired to hear how you became successful i have goals to become a successful home and business owner im on a fixed income and that stops me from doing alot. I want to talk to you.

JJ Malvarez says:

The friendships along the trip are the real value from our efforts and sacrifices. Thank you Master Sykes

The Sniper Trader says:

Developing Playbook like Mike Bellafiore. said.Trade it better and bigger thats all.Tim G is referring to the same thing "Bag of tools".

Iris lali says:

I'm working hard to be one day interviewed by Tim.

Caleb Bryant says:

I want to work with Tim.

Big Mix says:

What are your news outlets for your research?

Róbert Nagy says:

sajnos egyetlen leckét sem láttam :))))) de én adtam nektek egy nagyot és a beképzelt magabiztos segfejeknek akik azt hiszik olcson megvesznek mindenkit kilöra:)))) kell a spermám ? cyberg AI ? 35 milliárd euro/honap/ csatorna 12 év /170 csatrona +késedelmi kamat és x 20 :))))))))))))) egy összegben természetesen előre :)))))))) online ha megérkezett , csomagolok valamit és postázom :))))))


Am coming very soon I have to make it

Henry Craig says:

Knowledge facilitates growth.


Mr Tim I wanna start

JON HYPE says:

What are you Bart Simpson? Change your fucking clothes! Lolol luvs ya tho.

Aron Brooks says:

why are you so repetetive it is annoying!

Ra8az says:

I wanna see more of you trading…those lessons were gold

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