What it’s like on the fixed income trading floor

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Watch this “day in the life” interview to find out what it’s like on the fixed income trading floor at Vanguard. Andy Maack, a Vanguard financial analyst, offers his perspective.


Rs222222 codblackops1 says:

More vids like this would be great, very helpful to young people

Investing with Kurt says:

That's a really cool video, most of us have no idea what it's like.. so we get a glimpse 😊

Pac Z says:

(Lizzie Warren must've given this the "thumbs down".)

Julie Gurley says:

I wish there were good Vanguard books to read to help Vanguard customers have more knowledge about terms used and about how to best ways to know the companies they are investing in. I know, 60%/40%, and and I know, read quarterly reports but basic foundational knowledge I do not know. I have at least a dozen books on investing in my house but I do not know how to best connect with traders or how to get up to date information needed for wise investing. I know lots of people invest in popular instruments but that too is not enough to understand the markets.

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