What It’s Like To Become A Millionaire

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The number-one question I hear is, what is it like to make millions of dollars? How do I do it?

It’s not a common feat for most traders. In fact, most won’t get there.

Why? Because most traders quit when they don’t see immediate profits.

I’m not teaching one magic formula that’s gonna make you rich. There are about 20 patterns you should learn and alternate between. It won’t be easy. You need to put in the work to succeed.

Test different strategies, position sizes, and time of day to find which patterns work best for you, and know them inside and out.

Patterns don’t last (but they often repeat, and it’s awesome). You have to constantly adapt and adjust your trading strategy.

The good news: there are only a certain number of patterns you should learn.

If your goal is to become a millionaire then you need to have the right perspective: Don’t expect immediate success and don’t give up!

Success won’t happen overnight. It took me and many of my students years to get here. Take the time to learn — and in time, you’ll be a better trader.

Do you have the right perspective? How long have you been trading? Leave a comment below and share your story.


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Omar Elias says:

Thanks for the reminders!

Bobby Amos says:

Dope video Tim!

Jonathan Luhmann says:

I'm ALL IN! It's video lessons all day every day.

Richard Hillman says:

This guy is a complete tool. No one can manage your portfolio for you, and no one can time the market. Douche bag guys who make a quick trading video with cash on their dining table, get lost bro, real investors don't take cash out to put on a table

Srt4Cab3 says:

I remain dedicated. But which broker will let you short sell? Still haven't found one

Hellen Jacob says:

What will probably make me not to tell people about this safe Expert trader i encountered last week.

George says:

Hey Tim and others, I just lost my battle.. was trying so hard to learn this properly, was watching tons of videos, backtesting, spend most of my savings for courses and memberships and just lost my very last savings. Over past 2 weeks I went over my journal and logs and actually realized I should be profitable but I was not because I had too tiny account and was pushing it too much to grow it bigger that I made stupid mistakes, chased, fomo etc. Right now I'm fucked up because I don't have any money and got to go to second job just to earn for expenses, debt and then try to save for next tiny account. I really desire to get one last shot with normal sized account before pushing my dreams out by 2 years (that's what it will take me to save 5k).

I know you don't give a shit about me or my struggle, everybody's got own however maybe there are some traders who were in similar situation (even tho I doubt there is many traders who are trading for 6 years and still blowing out – more in my story) and are willing to help out a little bit.. Anyway this is my story and if someone decides to help me in my last shot at this I could not thank you enough​ http://www.gofundme.com/help-me-to-fund-me-new-trading-account

Val Rudenko says:

Thank you Tim!
I have a question, which broker is best for shorting with less than 30k?

Lewis Ford says:

It’s very exciting and I get motivated seeing your videos Tim

Dean O'Connor says:

Got it bud … the grind is tough, I've been learning now for coming into 5 months solid .. keeping my eye on the prize … which is to be self sufficient … I'm so over working for other people, I've built factories and production plants for other people … now I want to produce my own dreams.

Jake Jimenez says:

this is going to be very interesting

Black Phoenix says:

Ill make my first million within 5 years.

Harrison McClendon says:

Thank You Tim

Nick says:

Im gonna REMAIN dedicated. This is a journey and not a marathon

aridi mahdi says:

king of grinding

Camilson Mondésir says:

Damn Sykes you need some sleep! Thanks for your 1 and only good tips!

ZachR says:

Thanks for post Tim I'm in it for the long haul anything we're doing it's not going to be easy

xy double helix says:

Fuck the world.

Bravo Zero says:

If it ain't rough. It ain't right
Not sure where I heard that one

Cole Essex says:

Awesome video Tim! I've been studying since I was 14 (I'm 17 now) I'm going to be starting trading for real soon (I've been working to save up money)

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