What Just Happened To The Stock Market? – It’s Just The Beginning!

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent dip in the stock market unfortunately vindicating what we at WAM have been warning about frequently for the past 5 months.
The DOW Industrial at one point dropped 6.19%!
Now the market has become vastly volatile. We saw many flood out of the DOW and the S&P into bonds. Now they’re selling off bonds into stocks and there seems to be a very obvious identity crisis happening.
We saw a big red flag two weeks ago when Larry Fink of BlackRock told people to buy in…high. So we called it out. The fact is, we are seeing red flags left and right. Alan Greenspan just called the market a bubble. Even the mainstream is admitting it’s concerning. Then it goes up again a little bit and everyone thinks it’s fine. The bottoms have not even been remotely tested. We will see a crash one way or another. It’s inevitable and has been for a long time.
The markets are manipulated into prosperity and that makes it that much more inevitable that it will be manipulated into oblivion. People are speculating on numbers rather than fundamentals. The market has been flooded for far too long and it must come down. Talk about debt and derivatives!
All the while, the fiat central banking system is on the brink of disaster. All fiat currencies eventually revert to their intrinsic value of zero. They always have, they always will.
So people need to take financial responsibility. That’s always the bottom line. The hallmark of freedom itself. Responsibility, independence. We must decentralize and stop falling for the games of the bankers and instead play the game of life. Money’s great. Look towards cash flow. Diversify. Cryptocurrencies considering the product they offer have a great future. It’s only the beginning. However, stay away from the cryptocurrencies that have no true fundamental value. Due dilligence my friends.
This is not meant as financial advise. This is strictly our opinions but if it quacks like a duck…

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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World Alternative Media says:

So many are claiming Schiff never predicts dates which is untrue. He correctly says you can't predict dates and has historically followed that sentence by predicting dates. I've been watching Schiff since 2007. He's right about a lot of stuff, but I've watched him dozens of times date crashes to dates, months and years.

I've met Schiff in person, it was not a good experience.

Schiff is a man who calls everyone who disagrees with things he says or does "anti-Semitic".
Last year, he called me an Anti-Semite because I mentioned in a video that he palled around with Soros which he has bragged about on numerous occasions (I've seen the text messages). He did business with Soros senior and junior. Never once in the video where I mentioned the above fact did I mentioned Judaism, but it didn't stop him from slandering me on his podcast.
He's thrown his own father under the bus claiming he deserved to be in prison for not paying taxes.
He's made it clear that he knows absolutely nothing about cryptos by calling Bitcoin fiat which shows a fundamental lack of understanding of either Bitcoin OR fiat. He didn't even know a person could have more than one Bitcoin wallet LOL.

So anyways, since everyone's freaking out, here are links to him predicting years and months. Will find the podcasts showing him predicting exact dates which I've seen multiple times too.


Cheers. Now y'all can stop calling me a liar and "shill". lol

~ Josh

Dan Bouchard says:

stocks crashing wouldn't hurt non investors if we didn't have a central bank it would be like a casino having a bad loss no effect on non casino employees

jacob edwards says:

Yeah biggest theft in United States History! One Trillion in one day!

Qtri Nity says:

Wow, wasted 5 mins of my time here. You are basing 100% on technical analyst and 0% on fundamentals. Technically, yes. Whats goes up will come down. But fundamental aspect will dictate how much farther will the markets climb before falling back down.

Alpax Dis says:

Canadian weed stocks like aurora canopy growth or aphria

Truth says:

Hey where's the stock market collapse???

jeffw1267 says:

Guess what: it's heading back up now, as I knew it would. The media is silent. There's your fuckin' correction.

shannon james says:

When realizing from your cohabitations together I had a mini panic of my own kind . Choosing to alien my own perspective to a reasonable level albeit minuscule in comparison , but positive none the less in my circumstances . I tip my hat sirs . . .

Odysaye Nalife says:

Crypto taking over. Buy Verge now

Joanna Rees-Jones says:

"Without a shot fired" : )

qwqwqwqw99 says:

Unctuous comes to mind

Thomas Kauser says:

Someone screamed tax cut and it sounded like fire truck , hence exit stampede? Lake Meade got drained and Hoover collapsed?

Thomas Kauser says:

Mark to market ?

Thomas Kauser says:

Long term capital management 2.0! A record print by the Fed of 1 trillion dollars barely surpassing the Y2k re-print is required?

Benji Goldhawk says:

Lose not Loose. My apologies. I am particular regarding good spelling and grammar. Thank you.

Benji Goldhawk says:

You gentlemen are the best. You make me laugh at times as you need to be loose and relaxed, we know what is happening and all the Potato heads are going to suffer big time, since they do not tune in and find out what awaits them. We know what is going on, but Mr. Potato Head does not. Too bad!!!!!!

Perry Mathis says:

So not true about Schiff…unsubscribed

RapistAndFalse ProphetMuhammed says:

Great. News ! Hope gold soars now so that I get my reward

Leonard Kulas says:

Josh you are so wrong to say Peter Schiff picks a specific date. I listen to him more than you guys and he has never selected any date. You are confused by others who hijack his videos and write in dates or months in their titles. Prove it, or take it back! Give me one example of him saying a specific date. You first example video of Peter Schiff demonstrates you guys are full of it. No where in the video does he give any kind of dates. Peter Schiff says more of value in one sentence than you guys say in your entire videos. Lie all you want, I'm OUT!

Leather Face says:

if u invest in stock long term ur a punk

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