What Makes Trade Setups Low Odds? Trapped Order Flow

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There is RISK in trading Forex.
This video is not to be intended as investment advice.
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mercamg1 says:

i feel so fortunate to be new and have ICT !!!! also nononsense forex , and Institute of traders and three pathways to becoming a legend!!!!

thank you ICT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

syed abul fazal shah says:

hi micheal, hope you are good…i cant thank you in words…kindly open comment on every video of yours. so we can clear ourself more…micheal you said in sniper scout video 4 that i will tell you that when to use fib level 62, 70.5, and 79 percent retracement level…but i didnt find it in whole series of sniper scout….can you tell me in which video you have explained about it????? love you for your work man….you are a real deal…

shantanu goel says:

I have not known god but I know Michael from his youtube videos alone. Do I need god?? I fukin don't need god. 😎🙏

Rainer maria rilke says:

very helpful video, can somebody help me with broker it is contains also Dollar Index, thanks

lewis eyers says:

Well you called that spot on….as your regulary do…..

Dope Trades says:

Q: What Makes Trade Setups Low Odds? A: Second tests or non significant levels in middle of trend. No such thing as 'trapped traders'.

Ben bahadurmalla says:

I like to thank you micheal for all  that you have done for the ICT community and trading and how it has changed my life for the better. I have followed your work since 2013. All my trading setups are a foundation of your work and made it my own. I can say no I have become an independent thinker. I just want to thank you..

Matt Graham says:

oh BTW EUR/USD is very bearish folks. at least for 2019.

serghios serghiou says:

i am afraid to tell you that Breakers will not help you to resolve any of this High-Frequency Trading Activity. My 20 years experience in trading gives me the right to tell you that breakers {as you define them} will be helpful in higher time frames. i personally stay away from high-frequency activity{ there is no way you can win the machines and their sophisticated algorithms], and always trade with options and stay away from all the stop hunting. That's the only way for us the Retail traders to make money consistently and stay in the game. it is very sad very good traders { and most likely you are also one of these guys} to waste your time and money trying to compete with the machines.

Ezekiel Mariita says:

Same thing in GBPUSD on 4th February 2019 , i cannot attach a picture but see….so cute

B H says:

Michael, I have another question.. You mention breakers a lot. I know the concept (although not in a lot of detail) how do you know exactly what breaker to look at? especially the smaller breakers.

B H says:

This range we are sticking in, would you suggest this could be based on Brexit uncertainty? Because id assume the market makers dont know how brexit will effect global markets.

Foster Scott says:

Feb 1st, 45 minutes after NY mid price gave the clue. The algo took the price back above wkly structure equilibrium where it was sold at a discount. Point being, I believe Mike framed his trade primarily from this, which is vastly more interesting than a 15 min view, imo 🤠

MrComfymaluks says:

Expensive nuggets! Thank you

Desmond Schinkel says:

without you my trading journey definitely would have ended… Thank you for your untiring concentration and dedication to the game

Rok Hočevar says:

Hi Michael. So if I am right nonfarm payroll is every 1st day of a month? And when you see that high was taken on 5min TF or 15min? and it goes below EQ of candle that has taken high you are going in a trade..close to high as possible… thanks for answer

Miguel betegón says:

Where can I find the definition of a breaker?? I just didnt see a video on that. Michael, learning a lot from you. Thanks a lot!!

EM T says:

Everything he has explained here is a redressed version of chris loris price inefficiency and price rebalance model lol. And Lori explains in less ambiguous ways

NooB says:

I call those seek & destroy moves "Roundhouse Kicks". Great Video and breakdown, my goal is to become one of your students so I can soak up as much knowledge as I possibly can.

The Steampunk Lab says:

Great video and analysis. Thank you.

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