What Should I Look for in Stock Trading Software?

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0:10 This is the make or break kind of piece to your trading puzzle. There’s a lot of bad software out there. There’s a lot of bad platforms, and frankly, I got fed up with it. That’s why we created StocksToTrade because this is the one platform that is made for low price stock trading.

1:30 Many of the biggest movers will not show up on the platform. If you’re looking for big percent gainers, if you compare stocks to trade, big percent gainers versus other platforms, other platforms will miss some OTC stocks, some pink sheet stocks, stocks that are traded very low price, versus this platform, is specifically designed for us. That’s why we created it. I tried working with other platforms.

2:30 If you have a platform that has tools and news and social media scanning, where you can search through Twitter, you can search through all of the social media, using filters. There are also 40 plus filters built in, scanning stocks, the biggest percent gainers, intraday, over three days, over five days; these are my 40 plus scans that I use every day to find the hottest stocks. That is what is most needed in a platform. You need to use this to find the best trades.

3:00 I hate missed opportunities, so use StocksToTrade. There are so many videos on it; there are tutorials, my student Tim Bowen who’s a part-time trader is the lead trainer on StocksToTrade. If you check out StocksToTrade Pro, he’ll help you get all into the platform in ways that are beneficial to you. We’re just getting started. There’s going to be broker integration; there’s so much more stuff, paper money where you can practice with fantasy cash. That’s very good for beginners, too.

3:30 As we build StocksToTrade more, you’re going to love it. So start using it today. Start getting used to it, because it does take some time to learn a new platform, and I don’t want you missing out. I don’t want you missing opportunities. That’s the only platform that I would use. It’s in my own best interest to create my most successful students.

4:00 It’s good for my ego, it’s good for my business, it’s good for you. So, please don’t fight me on this, use StocksToTrade. We built it for you to make life easier. In the past, I’ve had 30 websites that I had to use to research stocks. You don’t have to use any of that anymore. It’s all built into StocksToTrade. You’re welcome.

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timothy im only 16 do you have any advice how i can get into all of this stock market stuff i barely researched about this today and it sounds great but i know im gonna have to go thrue a rough path to get where i want to so i came here to ask for advice?!

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I have a lot to learn but I love it… right on Tim dawg…

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your tips your tools your words your attitude everything is a real help thank u Tim

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This was just what i was looking for, cus right now i made an account on the swedish site, Avanza.
But dont really like it so far, but do you know if there are anything i need to keep in mind when i trade from Europe?

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#eTrade for my long term trader. #LightSpeed for short term penny stock trading. #JakeHUnter88

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What's the monthly cost of stocktotrade ?

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Will there be a reduction in price at some point? I like what I see with stockstotrade but I just cannot afford it.

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I think Im gona lose all my money in commisions I think, paying for socks to trade and ect

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I will get rich In the next coming years I know it and I will give a massive shout out to you. Keep it up!

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