What Should You Start Trading First? Stocks, Options, Commodities, Forex?

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What Should You Start Trading First? Stocks, Options, Commodities, Forex?

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John Tony says:

hey sasha, options is binary right?

jason18401 says:

Hey Sasha, what do you think about the fees??i know I pay for platform, commission, and scanner fees monthly for stocks, but how does the forex compare?? Thanks!

Clarence Dixon says:

How much money do I need to get started trading options? Is 5000 enough?

liam levine says:

i am confused how do i trade using my laptop. what software or platform do i use

Robert Lam says:

These last few days after the Nepal earthquake, it made me realised I really want to make large sums of money to give most to charity and the unfortunate, so yeah, I can't think of any other way at this point to make money for it. I also actually enjoy the simple modest life, don't waste my money on fancy cars, clothes etc… Just want to begin helping society and the world. I also have my own blog site called wisdom research

Robert Lam says:

If I just want to make a sum of money in a short period of time, for example just $20,000 in a month or so, and then may considering quitting, which is the best option for me to chose? Thanks Sasha! :D

Disebo Pooe says:

Thank you Sasha so mush with the information, just been exposed to trading as i needed financial breakthrough but the way you explain it, trading is not a quick money making scheme as other people say it is, will start to learn was so confused where to start but you really illuninate things, which online brokers you could advice maybe start using thier Demos?

Cleve James says:

FX is just as liquid if not more than stocks bc so many are involved in the MAJOR currencies. Saying the stock market is more liquid is a blanket statement at best, especially if your trading a penny or low dollar stock with good size. Also the COST of starting in Stocks is generally more for new traders bc lack of capital vs cost of shares, margin, and day trading rules. I trade ALL markets in several different styles and the commodity Grain markets are the easiest IMHO. Startup is always important and ppl need to know whats the cost.

Forex – 2k to get started – Hard market to learn bc of conversions and even more difficult to master, fundamentally driven with large volatility at times, not the best for newbies imho. Easy to get into this market, even easier to wipe out your new account with 50-1 leverage.

Commodities – 10k to get started, long term fundamental drivers based on real supply and demand, easier to trade trending markets and you can choose less volatile commodities. Contract months and rules take awhile to learn but make you a better all around trader in any market.  Agriculture/Livestock markets have long term seasonal trends and options allow for reduced exposure. 

Stocks – 30k+ to begin as day trader (note I am counting the 25k rule factored in with some padding), little as $500 for a swing trader. Short term volatility can be immense on individuals with earnings, ipo, upgrades/downgrades moves. Fundamentally and speculative driven market. Swing trading can take a long time to become profitable on cheap non moving stocks. Good market for newbie investors thinking about active trading.

Yel ValleOCh says:

Can High Frequency Trading affect option operations?

obrian henry says:

great videos 

Eugene B. Crawford says:

Hi. Sasha Evdakov
  Be careful of the term "abundantly " Mainstream Christianity has used that term out of context for some 2000 years ,, Read slow and get the truth, abundance is not wealth ! 
..Jn:10:10: The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have "life", and that they might have "it" LIFE!  more "abundantly" Eternal life not wealth .. .      Love your instructions on stock trade to prosper..  Eugene.. Teach me..

Constantin Rosu says:

hi there all your video is best what i see on youtube thank you 
another thing i now you love the stock market but do you have a course on binary options?

C JAY says:

here is my problem I am completely new to the market my goal is to be financially independent and be able to support my family and trade from anywhere In the world so to describe how new I am. Well am a total beginner am still learning how to read charts. And candlesticks and symbols like usd/eur but I have been practicing on demo accounts I realize that binary options and stocks are easier and I also would like to learn penny stocks maybe commodities but which you think would be better for me as beginners ?and I think 300 dollars is the most I can start with and do you think trading on a laptop would be better because am using an iPad ? And am even planning to go to actual classes for trading but they told me it's around 300 and I don't even know if it's monthly or weekly. What should I do ?

MrTsjoberg says:

Hi Sasha! Many thanks for your great videos. Just discovering but learning fast. To stick to types of stocks is an interesting viewpoint. I always thought investing Warren buffet style and I would need Millions. I have heard people with few thousands going big. What is your advice/trading strategy for someone with 2500$ like me? I would like to day trade or swing trade but i don't want to invest 1000$ in dvds, newsletters or books because that could give me great growth potential. If I would reach 8k I would then consider investing like that 1000$. How would you start if you had 2500$?

Samir Eltahan says:

Mr. Sasha, is it wise buying stocks from oils companies that have their stocks dropped 1/4 of the original price? because I suspect oil price will go up. 

Michael Trader says:

Otlitschno! Thank you Sasha for sharing these great videos!

Adam Moosa says:

Thank you so much sir. I love these videos n it helps me a lot.

kingkukujiao says:

What is your net worth?

Neeraj S says:

Sasha, Thank you so much for this upload. 

Neeraj S says:

Sasha, Thank you so much for this upload. 

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