What You Need to Know About the Commodities Collapse

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In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the stock market crash 2015.
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Stuart campbell says:

You tell it like it is no BULL SHIT you're the first one iv'e heard say the Federales are doing this to attack their perceived enemies a.k.a U.S.sellers of Treasuries a.k.a the Petro Dollar thereby threatening the wealthy spoiled rotten assholes who game the system

Peter Popoff says:

That all makes sense … Not sure why you seem to defend islam .. the religion of " peace ".

Incog Nito says:

What's the go with the Zionist bitch putting interest rates up Chris?

inter caetera inquisition says:

Many market manipulations have been used to extend the propped up dollar. They stop at nothing to keep the reserve currency in control for macro economical and political control.

k1llamain says:

well i agree with almost everything you always say but the Tesla comment is a bit ignorant. Gas prices are so volitile that in 6 mo or 1 year they could be 3.50/gal or more again. But thats not even the real reason to own a Tesla. Motor Trend named thesla the car of the year a few years back and it also got the HIGEST rating from Consumer Reports of ANY automobile EVER. . . and being electric didnt have much to do with it. Its wounderfully engineered. Its got great power, great handling due to its suspension design and low center of gravity(battery and drivetrain at belly of car). Ot has 2 trunks, it seats seven people if you order the option rear reats that face backwards. Its aerodynamic, ots CD is among the best of any car ever. Its engenious the way they can send software updates to improve the user experience in infinite and unthinkable ways from autonomous driving capabilities to suspension comtrolls. Its safe Its just the best dam car ever.

Daniel Martin says:

hey, will oil price increase? make a video on it.

MK Warlock says:

You're saying this same thing for 3 years, yet nothing has happened.. I would be ashamed.

SPAIN says:

Screw gold, buy bullets!

Julian Thonet says:

gj chris, very nice clip

Gomu Gomu No “grizzly magnum” Red Hawk says:

Good luck boiling gold to eat it. Meanwhile, I will buy land and plant it. and btw, I will not be giving my food in exchange for gold. No. I will be exchange food for food.

mlimli says:

Is this guy a former model? He's almost too good-looking to be taken seriously.

Orthodoxforever71 says:

I love this channel!I believe that the day when american people rise against the elites who oppress them is not far away.People in the US are fed up with poverty,racism and the lies of the elites.I am not american,but I want to express my solidarity and support to american people who suffer under the dictatorial regime of Washington DC and Wall Street.AMERICANS DONT LISTEN TO MAINSTREAM MEDIA THEY LIE TO YOU!Its the usual divide and rule game of the elites.Congratulations for your channel Christopher.Yes russian ship fired at the turkish boat which was in the waters of my country:Greece.American people the mainstream media has told you millions of lies about Greece.Dont listen to their propaganda.The elites hate my country and they spread their lies.

Richard Nicholson says:

fisherofmen chanel was taken down look out there coming for u next

Sanya A says:

Chris, you are a good man and you know what you are talking about. Thank you for shining light in darkness for those who enjoy being lazy, ignorant, uneducated, brainwashed, confused for now. Hopefully you will inspire many to use their brain, logic, common sense so that when the shit hits the fence they are not surprised.

Ray Menendez says:

gold is a commodity too, look at the market, gold, silver, oil going up and down together, so why are you pushing gold? when the market crashes is going to take gold with it.

Possum Kennedy says:

You called it mate!!

William Day says:

Uh, so what do I need to know about the commodities collapse? i missed something, or it simply wasn't there.Great message but i didn't learn anything about commodities.

citizen762 says:

Christopher Greens nailed it.

Ranger4564 says:

Nice summary. The commodities collapse is an assault on the World which is opposed to US hegemony… BRICS and all the other nations who are working together to dismantle the US imperial agenda. Oil is one of the major exports of many of the nations who are opposing the US. It has nothing to do with Tar Sands or Shale or Fracking, they're just collateral damage, the intended target is the countries leaders of the opposing nations… get the people in those countries to become angry enough to depose their leaders, so US can install bankers to rob them blind. That's that they did in Greece, and now working on Brazil.

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