What You Need To Start Trading

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Today Tim Bohen and I answer a common question beginners ask: How do I start trading?

Simple: Start with education.

Too many people get caught up thinking about their end goal of becoming a millionaire. They forget about the basics: preparation, education, and experience.

Invest in your education in order to succeed. Education is vital in this industry! Patterns repeat. If you study the history of the market you can learn to recognize these patterns and take advantage of them.

You always need a trading plan — especially as a beginner. There are so many factors that come into play. You need to learn which ones to pay attention to, how to do risk/reward calculations, and how to create your own trading plan.

Your ultimate goal: to become a self-sufficient trader. Period.

Sure, you can also have “make money” as one of your goals. That’s a great goal, too. But for that, you need to start by investing in yourself and your education today. Are you ready?

Do you have what it takes to become a successful stock trader? Are you willing to completely dedicate yourself to your education? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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Kairo Dilla says:

what’s the first dvd i should start learning?

Tez says:

Hey Timmy, name is Tez. Do you have a video for absolute beginners like me who don't know anything about stocks or trading?

doody fly says:

I do understand, I will be prepared. Thanks for both of you.

Opie Russell says:

I will be prepared 💪🏾

Ian Rosas says:


susanjenkins2233 says:

I will be prepared 😁

Debbie Hilton says:

I will prepare. I totally agree that knowledge and preparation are key to success in any field. As well as a love for what you do. As much as I want to make money, I even more so do not want to waste or loss money. Thank you Tim for sharing all your knowledge & experience.

Shawn Tremper says:

2 great minds.

Lewis Ford says:

I will be prepared

Christian Njiosseu says:


Jefferson Sierra says:

This is very overwhelming for someone who is not smart. I'm afraid I'm gonna lose the 1k I have to my name before I starting making money. Didn't it take gritani several months, almost a year to start getting in the green. Oh boy😵

mercamg1 says:

prep is key!

Shayne Smith says:

ffs get off your phone

Ben Wilson says:

Why they yelling lol

Penis says:

Damn Tim. Let the man speak. Stop interrupting him every 2 seconds

Shah-e-Zaman Ali says:

I will definitely be prepared..

Jason Jolicoeur says:

I will be prepared!

Rae Estupinan says:

I will be prepared!

mr onyema says:

i will prepare… i will invest in my knowledge

libnni herrera says:

Yo Tim, what is going on with PHUN?? It doesnt make sence??

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