What’s Bitcoin’s Intrinsic Value? BITCOIN TO ZERO!

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Sharky zozzoz says:

Why do you idiots believe in this magical Satoshi? Satoshi my arse!! You're being mugged by the banks – accept it and move on. Fools!!

Henk Plas says:

Gold is created by supernovas and cannot be reproduced. Bitcoin can be reproduced thats the difference

烈雨 says:

Bitcoin To Zero。YEAH!!

Tokenfan says:

Your best Video, well said ??

JA3 JA3 says:

Sir, you are amazing!

Lee Hallam says:

The last few minutes were powerful, great video

Tee K says:

U are the bomb. ?

arch frank says:

This is very good video. Congratulations.

Lee Hallam says:

Good info as always, but tell me, why don't you take on smaller investors?, are we not worthy of your time? I bet most people here cant afford to give you 10 bitcoin but maybe one or two. Why cant you start a baby pool?

Rommel Gerard Galindo says:

Im not surprised that kim jong un supports bitcoin

M V says:

nice perspective in intrinsic value of gold (analog) vs. bitcoin (digital)

The house of doom says:

Tons of gold in the feet of Titans. BTC? 21 M.

The investment ABC says:

The idea of bitcoin is great, but the problem is you can’t know which crypto will succeed to be the payment of choice. 95% will most likely vanish. I am sure in 10 years time we will pay like that, but it will most likely be with a government controlled crypto and not BTc

Ev Meerkat says:

Good insight with quality amount of sarcasm. Both entertaining and educational

Thomas Hoskins says:

Are we going to break 4,300? We keep getting closer

Lang Kuai says:

Good political view. This is why I am in stock market and bitcoin when the economy collapses I am gonna short all the Chinese stocks and make myself a millionare.

Christoph EGGER says:

The intrinsic value of bitcoin is the cost of electricity and hardware so 5000Dollar per btc?

Filiberto Carnal says:

this guy is the guy.

unrewritable says:

Uummm girl bodyguards ?

sasquatch 79 says:

Bitcoin-Fund-Manager pls keep in mind that THEY (with 'guns' – I mean goverments etc…) can still take from YOU your Bitcoins … They can take your trezos/private keys (even torture you to give them priavet keys etc..) . Don't they ..? I'm sure you can easily imagine that….

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