What’s Changed The Past Few Weeks: Bitcoin, Controlling Your Emotion, & Waiting for the Right Trade

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0:20 Check out my blog post on “my take on bitcoin” now: http://tim.ly/sykesnow
0:40 Bitcoin all comes down to studying charts. Just because you missed it, it doesn’t mean you should chase it.
1:04 We have a holiday sale from 30-70% off. Check out PennyStocking Framework Part Deux Presale
1:48 Let’s talk about what’s going on in the stock market. Making a thousand dollars a day keeps the “Day job” away! 🙂
2:34 I’m still profiting from my stock trades. I made roughly $7,000 last week
3:00 My top student, Tim Grittani, made nearly $500,000 in the last month
6:00 I show you my student results because THIS is what happens when follow the system and stick to it.
6:34 If you trust me and my stock trading techniques, say in the comments “I will trust you”
8:00 Anyone who hates on “penny stocks”, can just look at this simple graph and they’ll understand how it’s possible to make money trading penny stocks
11:22 Lately Stephen Johnson has been doing a great job and worked with me at my Stock trading course in Italy. He’s on the right track, but don’t get cocky!
15:45 Stock trading education is VERY front-end loaded
21:00 Being successful in the stock market is all about controlling your emotions
22:17 We’re getting better at showing these stock patterns and trading patterns. The one common theme of my most successful students are that they study 5-10 hours each and every day.
23:22 You do need to understand what moves penny stocks and learn how to watch for patterns


Zafra Jr says:

I will trust you

shakur carter says:

maybe master roshi is planning on hanging himself with the rope Lol

Carlos Andujar says:

I will trust you Tim, because in my 10+ months of watching yours videos lessons, I have learned so much on stock trading. Therefore on 2018 i will put down my trust on you has my mentor…

Joshua Ventura says:

I do trust you

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1edbronner says:

I think he calls them dvd but it’s just digital video,no disk. But yeah dvd is just a thing of the past like cd’s. How many people still buy music cd’s.?

Tyler Paron says:

I will trust you!

Malcolm Wright says:

I will trust you

Isaiah Zuniga says:

I DO trust Tim!

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Nice — thanks!

L. Jermaine Russell says:

I will trust you!! Thank you and happy new year

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I will trust you

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I will trust you !!

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I trust you Tim Happy new year

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I will trust you

Jennifer P says:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I will trust you to teach me. I just need a chance. 🙂

Rich L says:

HI Tim. Can you make a video talking about machine learning and how that will impact traders. Thanks.

fgreenwoodf says:

I applied to become your student but after a few emails (which I studied), I have not received any communication.

tyler stranahan says:

i will trust you

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