Whats Going On With $UGAZ! Natural Gas Pullback | Penny Stocks 101

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Daniel T says:

just hodl and hope lul. good luck with that

erka null says:

Hey guys, whats the weather now in the US? thanks

Karl Kenny says:

thanks ricky really enjoy all your uploads.great stuff

ModernRebel says:

I cut my loses and with the 10 shares i had with ugaz i put 40 shares into xxii which im going to hold onto for a couple weeks because ive estimated the potential return to be around about 50%. Im up 3% today in an effort to get back my lose from ugaz but I might invest another 100 to get back into ugaz when it shows that it wants to bounce back. I've just started trading last week so I'm learning a lot from experience now. Stocks can be a brutal game to play but I'm looking forward for the years to come and I'm trying to show my friends that benefits of trading stocks. Even with the loss on ugaz i still believe ricky and will continue recommending him for a stock mentor to those who want to get into it.

Askurenemy says:

Made the same mistake today but took a 1% loss.. bought, held, and sold UGAZ for a total time of 7 whopping minutes lol

x says:

Down $1,000 today on $UGAZ, sold at the bell. Buying back in tomorrow at the bell… assuming its green. Will hold over the weekend and likely until the end of next week. Last week, $UGAZ made me $3,000 so I'm not too upset. Need to get my portfolio to 25k so I can day trade without restrictions. Right now I'm at 10k. Only 18 years old.

Wade Caudle says:

I did the same thing! 😩😩😩

Random Rich says:

Playing with fire, you get burned.

Azhar Gulam says:

Great Analysis. Swing trading these leveraged etf's are always risky in my opinion.


OMG Ricky me too 🤯🤯🤯

gatdammit says:

I should've gotten out as well at 8… Held it.. I wasn't at my stop loss yet but I could see signs it was going under.

Rhonda Parker says:

I'm in UGAZ at $6.88. Its hard, but I'm going to have to be patient. Have most of my capital tied up with UGAZ on my Robinhood account. Just hope its moves tomorrow and end the misery.

Frequency Garden says:

question on using ameritrade. i was using paper trade, and tried to sell, got a message saying "REJECTED; this stock is not available to borrow. If you want us to try to locate it for you, please call our trade desk."
this doesn't make sense to me! please help!

Dave Dillard says:

This is the only trade that I was fairly confident that I understood… and once again an immediate tank right after I bought in. It only 47 shares but it's been one disappointment after another. I can afford to be patient but I really appreciate the positive message in this video. Thanks for that, Ricky.

Scott Salyer says:

Everyone is down on Ugaz right now

Ele Ven says:

Did the same thing today.

JustKanji says:

Day traded DGAZ today, easy 5% 😉

Gabriel Pacheco says:

Keep an eye on NLST

David Chavez says:

What a about Bpmx

Daniel Martinez says:

Yeah, I did the same thing Ricky, I’m down over 1k right now but I’m not giving up yet either, I’ll hold it forever if I gotta

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