What’s The Best Stock Volume To Trade? Timothy Sykes Breaks It Down!

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I’m commonly asked, “What’s the best volume to trade?”

Every stock is set up differently. There are many important factors that you should pay attention to, including catalyst, flow, market environment, and time of day.

But there’s something else you should be monitoring: volume.

Ideally, you want to trade volatile stocks. Meaning, stocks that have lots of activity, some type of news, or catalyst.

If there’s not a lot of activity, I don’t want to trade the stock — no matter the news!

My advice: Stick to the basics. The simplest patterns and the simplest rules work the best for low-price stocks.

Liquidity is key …

See, I want to trade liquid stocks. If it’s not moving, it’s not worth it. Ideally, I want anything that has 1 million to 5 million shares per day.

But beware of overly liquidated stocks! When a stock trades too much it gets hard to manage your risk.

I prefer clean charts and clear breakdowns, but everyone’s different and you’ll learn what volume you like.
If you want to learn more about trading volume, liquidity, and those simple patterns and rules, then this video is for you. Enjoy.

What’s your favorite volume to trade? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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Dan patino says:

Icon possible long loves going back to the 0.62 range

Jose Garcia says:

why all the negative and hate on this man…he's keeping it real….wtf.

Dean O'Connor says:

Thank you sir.

Chris Smith says:

Thanks Tim … 🙂 I'm finding out 3-5 million works petty good … testing just beginning!!

Henry Craig says:

Knowledge supports growth.

Matt Coffee says:

starting out with less than $1000= i love choppy stocks ^.^. i cant pay for commisions without them LOL

Micheal Wambold says:

mike harry have been the reason behind my success in trading

Vanessa Lopez says:

I love it im young and i would love to become your next millionaire

glenn baker says:

Thanks,great video

Luis Gomez says:

Thanks Tim!

Tim Newton says:

honestly if you've followed Tim, this is stuff you should already know!

Alex Krotz says:

Thank you! Very helpful some ithoughts

John Guillory says:

This was great content, Thanks, I was just looking at volume

Quine Fine says:

Also people remember that premarket and actual market hours are very different things that involve very different people. Therefore a stock up premarket can just tank at the open.

JN says:

Hey, Tim. At the beginning of your trading, do you use compounding?

alaeddine lahoucine says:

Hi tim thank you for your vedio lessons i want just ask if any one can be your next millionaire .???

Omar Owens says:

VERY helpful Tim, thank you!

Keith D says:

LEVB farm bill , merger , and good earning is that a good catalyst?


lol amigo your funny and great trader and trainer..thanks for the great material .

Harry D says:

Your absolutely right, 1 to 2 million shares traded to enable a quick sell. Who are these Tim bashers, expose them, dig into them. You have the resources.

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