What's The Best Trading Computer? – Desktop or Laptop?

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Do you need a special “trading computer” when trading?
And if so, what is the best trading computer?
Can you trade from a laptop, or do you need a desktop?

We will answer all of these questions and more in this video.


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Sunshine Z says:

Thank you Marcus very helpful

Ross Alma says:

🙂 Nice channel, About to go and check out some more of your videos. Did you ever check smzeus[.]com??! It will help you promote your videos!!

Dan Blystone says:

Awesome content and production quality Markus, wow!

Trevor says:

I use three 27“ 4K monitors. I prefer Intel processors since they seem to be more stable than my computers with AMD processor’s. If you run performance monitor I think you’ll find it’s pretty rare that people will use over 12 gig of RAM, when I load up all my software except the Adobe graphics suite I am nevermore than 12 GB of ram. Having less than 12 GB could be problematic and more than 16 GB is just a waste of money unless you use graphics software. If you are building a desktop get memory that’s at least PC 2700 . Fast cpu and fast memory with an SSD installed will get you a lightning fast computer. All the new computers have at least six core processors. If your software is optimized for multicore threads that will speed things up quite a bit. An m.2 SSD Will be the fastest and consume the least amount of energy so they are great for laptops. Most laptops with traditional hdd’s run at 5400 RPM so they are significantly slower. There are some pretty inexpensive solutions to run multiple monitors on a laptop.

Ken Holloway says:

Great info Markus. Another issue to read reviews about is fan noise. I have an old 8GB laptop that works great for swing trading. I use Power X Optimizer and Think or Swim. I know a desktop will be more powerful and fun to use, but with the laptop I know I can trade anywhere that I have power and a wi-fi connection (or cell service). I will definitely invest in a SSD drive for my next computer, 16 GB for sure, high resolution graphics (4K), and quad core. One last thing, I buy my computers at Costco, and their concierge service has been excellent. Shoppers at Costco will probably get the lowest price (Black Friday coming up) and they have a great return policy if you get a lemon.

Frankie G says:

A laptop as back-up also gives peace of mind

Mendosa Sama says:

Macbook Pro 15 inch 16GB ram for beauty, efficiency and reliability

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