What’s the difference between penny stocks, day trading, & swing trading?

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What’s the difference between penny stocks, day trading, & swing trading?

Penny stocks
First off, what are penny stocks? Penny stocks used to refer to stocks that were priced at less than 1$ per share. Now, with inflation and growth of the economy over the years, it typically refers to stocks that are less than $5 per share.

Day trading
What is day trading? Day trading is not stock specific to price, whereas penny stocks are price related, and talking about a group of stocks, day trading is referring to the type of trading that you’re doing.
Day trading is when you hold the stock for less than one full trading day, which is less than six and half hours, because we have six and a half trading hours in a day, here in the US markets.

Swing trading
Whereas when you take a look at swing trading, swing trading is when you hold a stock for multiple days, weeks or even months.
There’s a deeper level beyond swing trading, you also have long term investing, and this is typically what warren buffet does. Long term investing is when you hold a stock or equity for multiple years or for decades into the future.

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CZ OS says:

When I started trading, I went in with a bias toward day trading. A few times, it's worked out like that, but more often it can take a day or two for the (hopefully higher) pop to happen. And it does fit my personality better than being tense all day at the screen.

Do you have any videos about greed killing your profits, and mentally getting over that? I'm making money, but, like today, I missed the perfectly guessed at peak (I moved my marker up, demanding unrealistic moves), and got smacked badly for it. So instead of $600 profit, I only made a bit over half that.

I have reached a point of being able to quickly, and without emotion, take ownership of a bad trade, or a good trade gone south, and lick my wounds with minor damage. (Except for the OTCs, which were awful for me and I no longer deal with.) But the greed thing is infuriating.

Thanks for making these vids! I have various favorites I watch again and again to continually impress on me the rules and ideas that work for me.

rockndave says:

Great info man! I'm trying to learn n get into the stock market and you answered some questions I've had for awhile now but didn't look up yet.

michele castro says:

Hi Sasha love your videos, thanks for sharing! you're real a great teacher. I've a question but is not related to this video but from others videos I know that you use options. I'm studying option trading and I hope you can help. My question is this one. Let's assume that I've the money to buy 10 calls with $80 strike price on a stock and let assume that the stock price goes to $95. If I don't have $80.000 to buy the stocks, can I still get the stocks and sell them at $95 per share? And after that paying $80.000 for the stocks? Can you explain this or making a video for everyone. Thank you!

jeremy either says:

I stay away from things that tend to attract the wrong crowd. For me penny stocks seem a bit low growth.

Faisal Ali says:

Thank you once agian I've got 1 question im only 14 but if i bought 200 ounces of silver for 19.21 will i make a small amount of money due to the fact that silver is actually volitile or should i save until i buy 1000 ounce and so on

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