Wheel of Fun Strategy – Puts / Calls / Options / Investing / Volatility / VIX

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The VTS Discretionary Strategy is a freestyle allocation that will be made up of several of my go-to trades. Today I’m introducing the first which is called the Wheel of Fun.

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Al Schwartz says:

I do that with MU, SQ and X but I do weeklies when I can

Rusty Austin says:

Nice explanation. Thank you.

John Lair says:

Can you make more videos on using options like this? Your video was great. Just been playing around with this. Sell puts after stock has dropped on the ex div date?

ColGadarby says:

Just a thought…

You could use the premium from the cash secured put to buy a Ratio spread…effectively giving you a free vertical spread and selling a covered call at the same time.

First Sell Cash Secured Put at a price you are happy to buy a stock…

I.e. Use the premium to Buy ATM call and sell 2 x OTM Calls…

李佳榛 says:


James Bradley says:

Great variety! Thank you so much.

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