When I Lost $3,500 Trading Penny Stocks | Investment Advice

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I’d like to welcome anyone with any questions to message me or email me as i would love to be a part of your success.

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b0rd2dEAth says:

just got burnt today by GEMP. I was up over $20 bucks with a small investment, should have called it quits then. my dumbass invested more money than i planned midway at a low. im pretty sure the stock is heading towards a lower fibonacci level now ($1.48ish). pulling stock out asap, hopefully at $1.50.. lost like $40 bucks from my $500 account, at least $0.11 a share. hope i dont lose more.

Dennis Thompson Jr. says:

lately i have been getting increasing better at investing in the stock market through losses, education, and videos like yours so thank you for all the free tips/tricks you always have to lend. New subscriber!

Robert Ray says:

Can anyone send me penny stock tips to buy? Please text or call to 775-379-1630

S X says:

dude, please change the music on your intro! its so damn annoying.

KING says:

you dont set hard stop losses either Mm can see that and bring the stock down to take you out and bring the stock back up

KING says:

investing and being a day trader is two different fucking things

Cryptonian says:

Ficky said 'euh' 47 times i swear i counted

Mark McPherson says:

I like what you said: don't listen to anyone else, but be open-minded.

P Ausems says:

Hi Ricky, I was wondering about when you said you lost almost all of your starting amount of around $3500, does that mean that you really started trading with $3500 and nothing more?
I'm asking because I'm confused about what I'm learning about brokers, and one would need $10K in his account to trade with.
Does this mean it is possible to start trading with less then 10K?
I'm clearly very new to this, and I have a long way to go before I even decide to start trading, but I want to be as informed as I can be,

Josue Rodriguez says:

does robinhood have ema and sma indicators?

chris griffin says:

Video idea: How to track SMA, EMA, volume via only a mobile device

gr8wg says:

thank you for posting any video of your experience… in less than 7 minutes !

Rony Sarkissians says:

Exactly,Hope is not a strategy, always have a plan and always stick to the plan

Pablo Diaz-Buscio says:

hi ricky, what percentage are you, your traders. and someone who is just beginning could look forward to earning? thanks

JustMeDee says:

Thank you!!!

JustMeDee says:

Ricky could you do a video about delisting? What are the dangers & how to avoid them.

Alberto Reyneri says:

Ricky were can I find the differt links to join your groups?

Reconcile mE says:

Do you have an opinion on the potential crash coming late 2017?

Samarth Saini says:

Gotta have a GAME PLAN. 'HOPING' is not gonna work. You Nailed it bro!!

MedicX21 says:

Thanks for the honest story. Talking about success is easy but making sure people learn from mistakes is super important. I'll certainly keep this information in mind as I learn to trade. This is a very valuable video.

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