When Should You NOT Hold A Stock Overnight

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Today I have a very useful lesson for you: when to not hold a stock overnight.

Every so often there are penny stocks catch fire. They can go up 1,000–2,000 percent. I’m talking hundreds of millions of share in a day.

You won’t find these right away. You need to work to find them. So how do you find, trade, and sell these stocks — and when is it bad to chase them?

Experience, knowledge, and preparation will help you recognize these.

It’s OK if you sell too soon. You don’t need to ride these to the top. Focus on your own improvement.

Why don’t you want to hold these stocks overnight? There’s too much risk. Anything can happen overnight … stocks can be overvalued, financed at a lower price, or labeled as a scam.

There’s too much risk when these stocks go up. You need to play it safe because when the market opens, things can happen in minutes.

New traders have a tendency to trade flawed strategies. They think they’ve figured out the game and then they blow up. You aren’t ready for these risks.

Give it time. When in doubt, get out!

Be safe and understand that it’s OK to just take a piece of the pie. Don’t wait for these stocks to hit the top and don’t hold these stocks overnight. There’s too much risk. No stock is worth losing 50 percent.

Do you agree with this strategy? Do you hold stocks overnight? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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Antonio Hernandez says:

I want stocks to trade I just can’t afford it right now. But I hear that it’s great

Bryan Barnes says:

Hey I'm trying to get started with stock investing and trading can anyone help me out with the process I'm really interested in learning more and mastering this

Cindy Barrymore says:

Great advice.

Chris Smith says:

Thanks Tim … 🙂

我看看妈丽 says:

Caren2trade Fev. 15,2018

Matthew Guida says:

No one ever went broke taking profits

java2403 says:

Hi. People with small accounts and online discount brokers can't day trade. We have to wait at least 24 hour to trade (sell) the shares bought. Can we still use your methods. Can we hold stocks these 24 hour and still get a piece of the pie ????

Future Wei says:

Tim, Before I learnt from your videos, that's how I traded too. and I like the way of ur education.:)

Future Wei says:

lol gunslinger.

Future Wei says:

what platforms you use to trade these stocks?

Future Wei says:

as an expert of crypto, I know exactly what u mean 🙂

Dave Big says:

i count myself as a successful trader because of the amazing trading strategy of mike harry

Mack Attack says:

needed this, sold early twice this week but made 10% on both plays. will take heed to this but if the news is definite overnites arent bad imo

glenn baker says:

Thanks for defining the play safe rules

Andrew Z. says:

Awesome Leeson !!! Thank You Tim !

B W says:

Love videos like this. Thanks! ?

Life Thingz says:

So in summary when should you not hold a stock overnight?

MHG Scrubadub says:

Just started my account a few months ago and am now just seeing some financial gain. I dont give a shit if my account moves 1% in a week as long as its green. Thats 52% in a year which is far away from what any bank or buy in can offer.

Chez Blunts says:

How old is this video? That ALT thing happened months ago.

Chez Blunts says:

Hey, you finally decided to change that Gucci shirt!

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