When Will the Stock Market Crash? THIS Chart Shows You! Watch This.

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The Money GPS says:

The central bank is the KEY indicator to watch out for. They decide when the market will crash. You can watch their every move and judge for yourself.

Are you watching interest rates as your primary indicator?

Silver Hawk says:

In the video on my channel in my first video I talk about why the Fed can't get rates up… this has to do with the VERY low velocity of money. This needs to be discussed more for a complete understanding… see my video πŸ™‚

Global Economic Reset 2018 says:

The title is very attractive !

Kopronko says:

Amennn !!! The timelines are almost impossible determined , because Nothing in the Entire Universe is time-determined , Because The Creator is regulating/arranging Everything according to the free will of people – also for people on Alll Other Planets – Because Alll of them Are inhabitated with similar people like you and me – even in our own solar system Alll planets are hosting Human forms like here on this planet . Peace with you until the Second Arrival in the next decade .

Green Acres says:

the abc says when it crashes it only goes down 12 percent. so is it really dumps day when it cycles?

Shawn says:

I highly recommend taking a look at Ray Dalios video on how the economy works, it's similar to what you're saying. It seems like a long term debt cycle.

Scott Stankis says:


Aaron drdraaron@live.com says:

The Federal Reserve will do anything and everything to destroy the Trump administration and his work.

Meh Meh says:

It won't

Pat G says:

Its insane how delusional people invested are. It took my dad losing 60k to finally partially admit what I have been saying to him for years. He kept claiming I was too young and stupid to understand market cycles fully and swore interest rates would never rise because everyone would be hooped. Now he is slowly coming to realize the reality of things and he claims that he knew it was going to happen all along and that it won't get much worse than what we see.) He has seen his property value rise exponentially in Vancouver that any suggestion of a real estate bubble is utter nonsense and prices will forever rise. Unfortunately he has fallen for the trap and leveraged his fully paid off home to get into various dividend paying bank stocks. He has fully embraced debt as most other Canadians and he will lose his home when shit inevitably hits the fan.Crazy how even the most experienced and oldest investors seemingly forget the past when blinded by current Bullish conditions

tsaerman says:

The Creature from Jekyll Island. Great explanation for dummies like me. So we should see 3% in a couple of years? Trump needs an EO like JFK's Executive Order 11110.Great times ahead politically and monetarily. Thanks for the flicks!. I will be watching your channel more often when I'm in the mood for some bad news. Just kiddin. They have been saying a crash will happen not if but when.

John D says:

After the last two years and all the stuff that has happened here and around the world, I'm convinced it will never crash. Like a 50 to 60 percent drop. Maybe 2 or 3 percent yes ,but nothing major. What's keeping it up I'm not sure, but I'm sure it won't fall .

The Off-Grid Guru says:

I went all in at being off grid, self sufficient and debt free. If this crash ever comes, I'll be able to see it through. But until then, I'm just a weird guy that lives in a shed.

C quint says:

About to watch but just wanted to say thanks, I commented on a previous video asking for this. I'm sure you meant to do this anyway but none the less it is much appreciated.

Ofty says:

I heard many Counties are pulling their Gold in the last few weeks.

Serge Rijkenberg says:

25 quarters is 6 1/4th year not 2, a quarter is 3 months πŸ™‚ So that first graph shows a average of 3 years from first rate hike to recession. So then 2019 is a risky year being 3-4 years after the first rate hike. But giving the ECB hasn't started yet it is not likely to really crash 2018. I would gamble on 2nd half of 2019 or 2020

Kathleen Sisco says:

I suspect the gov goal is to outlast the planetary alignments, a major one being in 2020 after this one in May 2018. After the 2020 alignment, there will be a recovery of the magnetic field so all this is to happen between now and then. With the Koreas removed from the war profiteers scope, that leaves the Middle East and our lamprey grip on Afghanistan.

you keston says:

The dow down again maybe soon good video

SKiZ416 says:

quarters = 3 months

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