Where Do Penny Stocks Trade (OTC-BB, Pink Sheets, NYSE, Dark Markets)

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To trade penny stocks well, you need to avoid the dark markets (like the Pink Sheets, OTCQX, and OTCQB). Focus instead on the OTC-BB (which is the bulletin board and is owned by the NASDAQ).

As well, there are many penny stock trading on the NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ.

Almost all the losses from penny stock trading involve those penny stocks which trade on the dark markets. Pink Sheet stocks can be spelled “Losing stocks!”

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John Gault Productions says:

Hey man.. I bought pink sheet MCOA and they announced that they are working on going public. If MCOA goes to the major exchange will my shares go with it ?

otc007 says:

there is no more BB, heres a list of BB.. old list obviously. as they are all OTC now

David Dettman says:

OTC-QB and OTC-QX are not that bad, you just have to be careful. Pink sheet stocks are garbage.

mirko pahnke says:

Hello Peter,

When look at http://otce.finra.org/Directories and check mark just OTC-BB there are only 104 companies listed. I went to yahoo finance (balance sheet, income statement) and took a further look for some companies and til now i can't see any good.

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