White House: “We Are Concerned About The Market Selloff”

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Having proudly owned every uptick in the stock market since his election, Donald Trump has been rather silent for the past week when it comes to commenting on the S&P’s recent reversal.

Commenting on just that, moments ago CNBC’s Eamon Jeavers reported that the White House said Monday it is worried about the U.S. stock market sell-off.

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Rita Crenshaw says:

money money money always funny in the ritch mans world. look at our shit paper

Joyce S. says:


Dahboo keep doing what you do!

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DubTekz says:

I enjoyed this video ? Realy Good Video

lottsalasagna says:

Buy so I can sell ….people still believe it the stock markets

MovieLover P says:

Anyone have internet outage today?

R H says:

To add to my comment below … YES !! Today Investors had the balls to raise the market. Up above 500 ?

Fox Shame says:


sandra valani says:

Hey DahBoo……on some of your sites……it is impossible to leave a comment!!! I know Bro that you aren't playing with the Comments section……but, I am worried that you might be facing censorship…..or perhaps, these incredible computers can not translate our comments!!! I just don't know!!! But, I will still keep an eye on your channel!!! Plz keep up the awesome work that you are doing for Humanity!!

Jonathan R. says:

Drain the Dow, pump the crypto, then we find out the creator of bit coin hails from Turkey, the final dance, end of days is turning the door knob if such is so

Robert Gile says:

YouTube messing with notifications constantly. Now they have limited the number of notifications I get on my mobile to just a hand full at one time. Also when channels upload multiple videos, on some I see the multiple notifications. Channels like yours I only see the latest notification. Many times I get a notification when a livestream ends…useless. This platform is defuct just like Google search, the FBI and the Department of Justice.

TastyCritters says:

People are emptying bank accounts in preparation for the upcoming civil war. You think they advertise that?!????

ColdRatsalad says:

This is what I personally have been waiting for. Waiting for this market to sell off, to buy in for the next cycle. Thanks for the info Daboo

Doomtrigger says:

Rothchilds sold off there assets

roylikesitlikethat says:

Someone made money in all this panic- its rigged.

jeff schnablegger says:

Nothing but fear Porn.

Jennifer Cook says:

You warned us months ago about this. WOW

fishface494 says:

i would think that the globalists will force a crash and blame it all on Trump , those lefties want power oh so bad , anyone who wants power that bad should never get power

R H says:

When several big investors sell to skim some of their profits in a bull market, the weaker investors get scared and start selling, which causes a stampede of sell offs. It looks bad to drop so much but the market loss of Friday and Monday together, simply took us back to the average we had one month ago. The market opens this morning a 9:00 am. and we’ll see if fear still causes more sell offs or if investors have the balls to push the market back up.
People always are insecure when a new fed chairman takes seat, and when interest rates rise.
Greenspan agreed, it’s just a bubble.
If the derivatives bubble bursts, THEN we’re in trouble.

wjdonner says:

It looks like the US administration is being warned `big time` that they are to follow the given orders concerning the creation of the Zionist New World Order. This means starting the wars on Iran, Russia and China using Syria and North Korea as triggers. The warning shows that the hidden manipulators can crash the markets in one or two days at will if their demands are not met. And this means that the USA has to commit suicide to pass the baton to the State of Israel.

It will be interpreted as starting wars to cover-up economic failure but in reality it shows that the Antichrist must be on the scene already, be it in the shadow of Trump. All preparations for his arrival like the subjugation of the Muslims, the rebuilding of the `Temple of Solomon` and the redrawing of the ME borders (`Greater Israel` project) have failed so far due to the incompetence of the US and British armies. And the prospects of Trump being able to accomplish these goals are also minimal.

So this `mini crash` could be a `last chance and final warning` given or else …………. (Daniel 7:8).

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