Who Are The Best Penny Stock Traders Right Now?

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Get inspired by http://tim.ly/roland170 and http://tim.ly/dux900k and http://tim.ly/grit4000 and http://tim.ly/mark630 as these guys are on absolute fire…and they’re not doing anything new, they’re just studying the past and executing their plans! Go apply at http://tim.ly/sykesmc to learn how to be my next millionaire student


Danny Gomz says:


lu lu says:

I will study

Omar Hernandez says:

@Timonthy Sykes I Will STUDY!!!

Ray says:


Cathy Anderson says:

I will study diligently!!!

Brian Law says:

currently doing the challenge hw assignments before interview session comes. Am getting excited. I'm a junior in college, and I'm ready to put my head down and go to work. I'm just hoping the course is beginner friendly. It's time for a change.

Zack Knowle says:

Highly suspicious you're not promoting Dux since he became the latest millionaire student. My guess is business differences. Dux got himself a different business partner and you don't like it. Lol. Just a guess. HAGW.

Jedi G. says:

I will study!

Samar's Electro World says:

i wanna meet roland!
he seems cool!
Thug guy!

Jerrod Tham says:

i will study

Romeo Montana says:

Tim please make a special congrats video for Dex the man… can't wait to see you spin him in your lambo

F myLife says:

I will study 😛

Ammon Hilliard says:

I'm interested in becoming a student soon. I'm putting money aside for trading. I just have one question. How much does it cost to build a school over seas?


shakti gurung says:

Where is Your Dvd Bro…will you send me 1 copy of it…I will watch N study and once I get millionaires I will pay u back…right now I m broke help me now later on I will give all the credits…let's make a deal okey ????????✌?️✌?️

Skip1Proprietor says:

I want to join n the trading challenge but when I spoke to a representative of yours, Val R. told me there was a ….very expensive fee to join. I can't do that. … will there ever be a discount to join the challenge?

Carlton508Production says:

I will study

reginald holmes says:

i will study

Keeaunta Brown says:

I will make my first million before I'm 22. Oh yeah, I will study.

Growthplan 17 says:

I will STUDY!

evildorian00666 says:

I will and have been studying

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