Who is the Best Online Broker For Penny Stocks?

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What is the best broker to choose to buy penny stocks

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Josh McWhorter says:

how many share would, say, $500 get you in a single penny stock trade?

Alain Cito says:

are you still trading and are you still using TD AMERITRADES ?

VICTOR Mrdude (majesticny) says:

What do you think about tradeking

Ciany Khan says:

Did you self teach? Your vids are so helpful. Im still watching and researching about penny stocks. It's encouraging to see that you started off with a small account.

Anthony Deloren says:

@TD Ameritrade lol. Not impressed

trkoby says:

Is it STILL TD Ameritrade in October 2016?

Robert N says:

last time I asked Ameritrade they didn't allow shorting of penny stocks so thats a whole level trading that cant be dont unless they changed that rule.

Craig G says:

I've have an account with Ameritrade & E-trade. I like e-trade better. The e-trade pro is far superior to ameritrade's platform. They cost about the same per trade. They both have flat fees for an unlimited amount of shares. E-trade does allow you to short penny stocks(if there are shares to short) & ameritrade doesn't.

Daisy Garcia says:

hello how much do I need to start investing

Manveer Gill says:

Can I open a TD Ameritrade account in Canada? If not, can you suggest the best broker in Canada?

QueensRise says:

Thanks for the video. I need to research into good brokers in the UK

Jp Carr says:

damm man
I want to start with my tax income return
your videos are really pushing me to assure my decision
I subscribed.
I was going to do etrade but they wanted a 500 min
can you suggest practice sites?

superboy 113 says:

Who is the best broker for penny stocks when you live in Canada.

Erwyn Diaz says:

What's your opinion on Hotstocked?

review4u88 says:

If you're in the usa open a margin account with Interactive brokers if you want to have access to a lot of stocks to short, i have a account with IB here in australia but recently the australian government has stopped allowing retail traders to short. Fucking scum bags. Min for ib is 10k, but if youre under 21 its 3k

Polishpuppy189 says:

Tradeking is high.  I was going to buy 11,200 shares today of a penney stock
the  buy comission they were going to charge me  was 60.00 dollars. have to check out someone else

Vitalyzdtv 2ndChannal says:

bro whats better , buying or short selling ?

David W. Johnson says:

Thinkorswim ???

Jayson Royster says:

What would you recommend for the best paper trading websites. .??
Thanks you.

Jesse B says:

You need to educate yourself before doing videos online. TD Ameritrade will not allow you to short penny stocks. If your shorting penny stocks your using your OWN MONEY! For customer service they are one of the worse. Try opening a Margin Account with no trading experience. It won't happen, they are the only retail brokerage firm that requires experience prior to opening a margin account. Sure traders has a ridiculous fee structure, 10,000 shares your paying $49 per trade and $99 round trip. Plus any withdrawal fees, so hopefully your getting at least $600 per trade to make it worth your while.

Suretraders has too many negative reviews first and foremost. I considered trading with them, a $500 account is nothing. I wouldn't trust them with anything more and if they really want a share of the retail market, offer ATM cards. So the customer can have direct access to their funds. Which loosens their grip so I don't see that happening anytime soon. Do some research before posting if you want to maintain your credibility. 

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