Why are Bonds So Expensive and What is Causing it? – November Market Analysis [OSRS]

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Hey guys, and welcome back to another market analysis for the month of november. Today I really wanted to focus on why bonds are so expensive.

The price of bonds have been rising all year now. This is not normally uncommon, however the degree to which the price has rised is unusual. Bonds are currently worth upwards of 6.5mil or even 7 mil. Why is this happening. and will it continue for much longer.

I also am going to be going over other monthly economic trends. I will be looking at botting items, pvm items and anything else affected this month.

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Al Lo says:

The reason why it’s expensive because it’s with REAL MONEY!

Elias Roos says:

Shit, I checked them yesterday and they're up to about 12 mil

Never Knowing says:

You're an asshole for putting so many ads on this video. Fuck you.

WOIONG says:

Real life marketers beg to be as skilled as osrs ge trackers

Killertruth186 says:

Now bonds are cheap again, thanks to the caronavirus. Also I can verify this on RS3.

Jakob says:

As soon as I get 2.5 mill a bond raises to 5 mill. Heck

onearmjawn 1 says:

Imo you should just buy ur bond…

Star says:

They're cheap again? What happened?

Nestor Pagaragan says:

I hope jagex deal with the botters man! I can't earn gp by cutting logs or selling runes.

l_Will_Be_Great says:

lol now its 4.7m now, literally went down by 2m almost

Ege O. says:

Jagex is really not giving us a chance anymore, 2020 bond prices are still crap. Botting, macroing is how can you play the game properly now, I am tired of reporting every bot/bot owner in the damn game. I will not report them anymore and tbh why would I be wrong if I were to join them at this point? We are just being cucked at this point.

Faf Dus says:

stock trade bonds in runescape lololololol

Mun Faija says:

Eco-reset on osrs? Im down.

MrGaming11 says:

you idiot its twisted leage

germman93 says:

Its 25 mill now

EliteGem YT says:

Smallexplamp got 500+ bonds not that long ago maybe that has something to do with this price change

Riley Goodrich says:

From my perspective as a returning player that jumped ship from RS3 is that the prices of bonds discourage new players. While you can still buy membership, the notion of buying membership with effort ingame is VERY appealing. However given the current economic state of bonds in-game versus the money methods available to F2P, a significant amount of training, time, and skill levels is required. This isn't considering GE flipping, as I believe that's an advanced method many players don't consider due to the investment and risk associated with it. At 28 inventory slots and the falador bank I spent about 4 hours, farming hides, and training my combat stats. While not peeked in efficiency I rounded up a decent 968 hides. This netted me around 230k, only 4% of the current price of 5.4m gp. While the efficiency has improved with combat stats, if the average profit remains the same, then my time invested would be 1% per hour currently, which means investing 100+ hours dedicated to killing cows to reach membership if prices remained the same. Furthermore, given the current math of 246 gp per leather, I would need to sell roughly 21951 leathers in total at the listed price to reach 5.4 gp. While profit margins can vary based on methods, the most basic method of cows requires such a time investment that the rate of 242 hides per hour means 90+ hours farming alone, with additional time to tan the hides. While this is purely theoretical and not an exact statistic, it's very much close to that actual time investment. Diving 90 hours into 8 hour workdays then nets a total of 11 1/4 work days dedicated solely to killing cows for 14 days of membership. In short, if we treat RS as a 9 to 5 job it would take a little more than 2 work weeks to gain membership solely by gp alone. While experience will increase the rate and cut down on time it doesn't excuse the fact that the investment far outweighs the benefits provided. Though the only saving grace is that while once a member and with sufficient combat stats, the methods to farm gp via combat significantly increases time for 2 work weeks to 2 work days if lucky/efficient. Jagex simply needs to realize that the current economy doesn't cater to the wide playerbase they attempt to cater to, and that the gold selling websites will remain viable insomuch as the player economy dwindles and gp inflates. I'm by no means a master of economics, but this is just my thoughts about the current state of things. All in all compared to how I was when I first started playing RS I'm far more economic, but it's still a grind that needs to be addressed if Jagex is hoping to make farmers/bots obsolete as well as revivify a more casual playerbase. While it's a game about grinding it shouldn't be as intense as a job to get anywhere worthwhile.

brutaldudeski says:

You can pay for bonds with real money. Interest in OSRS is dwindling, that makes the real money used to buy bonds worth more money than runescape money. Basically inflation versus ingame gold to real currency. If you are willing to invest in the game at this point your dollars go farther in game due to player loss and inflation

Mrlittlemonkey says:

Welp looks like i will never be able to get a bond in f2p without losing my mind

Jay marshall says:

runescape gives players who buy bonds more pets. Ive noticed people who buy alot of bonds gets pets so easy while players who have never bought a bond tend to have have a kill count 3-10x higher without seeing a pet.

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