Why Are First Green Day OTC Plays Better Over The Weekend?

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Sometimes it’s good to be patient and hold your positions overnight or over the weekend. Especially with first green day OTC stocks. Not sure what that all means? Watch and learn!

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I don’t usually make videos over the weekend…

But I want to talk about a position I held over the weekend — going long on Revive Therapeutics Ltd (OTCPK: $RVVTF).

Before we get into that, I wanna thank everyone who tuned into my live webinar on Friday.

I usually do those once a month…

But if you join my Challenge, you can trade with me live AT LEAST twice a week. My top students also join in on these webinars, so it’s definitely worth checking out. Check the links above for that!

Back to $RVVTF…

This stock spiked Friday morning because of good news, but it got halted. There were too many people trying to get in the first time. Then, it spiked two more times throughout the day.

I’ll go into more detail about this stock, here. Pay attention to how I traded it and why — this is a key lesson on first green day OTC stocks.

And if you’re new to trading, you might not understand why I’d hold my position when the markets are closed. But holding first green day OTC stocks can have great results. That’s due to the ‘pressure cooker’ effect of the weekend. I’ll explain more about that in this video.

Find out if I ended up being right about what I predicted would happen with $RVVTF…

And there are plenty of key lessons in this video … Gap-ups, first green day OTC stocks, hot coronavirus plays, and more. Tune in!

I’ll also tell you about some trades where I had to cut losses quickly. You can’t win ‘em all. So you gotta know when to get out.

If you attended my live webinar, comment below and let me know what you thought about it. I highly appreciate your feedback!

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Timothy Sykes says:

If you attended my live webinar, comment below and let me know what you thought about it. I highly appreciate your feedback!

website zaken says:

Timothy wich broker do you use for this the RLFTF symbol?

Okie Trader says:

do you zoom in on your intraday charts to see it tick for tick or do you always have it semi zoomed out on a 2 day 1 minute chart? Also i really enjoyed this video.. lots of good information..i like how you said first green day patterns work better on fridays because people get to see the news over the weekend and the gap ups are "typically" better after a weekend on a monday.. Sweet Tip Thanks!

daredo dorm says:

Vcbd for me

Jeanpaul Towers says:

nah I didn't watch it, I couldn't afford it at the time. Every body in this town is trying to keep me broke because I told and showed them what I'm now doing but I will bounce back.

j lybr says:

CYDY will go to $20-25 in less than a month i wouldn't be trading i would be buying more

Rafael Bravo says:

The webinar was excellent! Thank you for sharing

Josiah Pate says:

Is there anyway to speed up the videos playback speed on profit.ly?

Manny the mechanic diaz says:

Love all your videos Tim !! Stay golden !!

Tom the philosopher says:

thanks for ur time and knowledge .

golfr7k1 says:

Regarding what the definition of "first green day" is: Is this talking specifically about when you're looking at a candlestick chart? And if so, do they need to be solid or hollow green candles?

Also, does there need to be a bunch of opposite colored candles for a specific number of days in order for something to be considered a "first green day"?

Or is it just a day where the close is higher than just the previous day's close?

Malik Brahimi says:

Hey Tim, I was reading online that your program costs about $6k. Quite honestly, I would have no funds to trade if I payed upfront; in fact, I'd be a little short. Times have been tough and that's exactly why I'm trying to turn my life around. Is there anything we can negotiate?

Andy M. says:

Love these OTC trading videos Tim. Please continue to do more.

Andy Salo says:

All of your videos are useful, I've watched them long enough to where i get to see history repeat itself over the past 16 months, love them all!!!!!!!

tayronachan says:

IHUB, I love that place. All the grifters, blatant pumpers, and candlestick makers. "this is the one, to the moon", what a riot of delusion and lies.

Yo 7 says:

Thank you for the live events. I find them very helpful. Feels more hands on to look at a stock live as you break down pros and cons.

Santos Padilla says:

great teaching learning somnething new everyday. thanks #timothysykes

Evan Hall says:

Thanks for making videos Tim. Believe it or not but I’ve learned a lot from you and others on the web. I have a question for you and I’d love to hear your feedback. I’m not trading live yet, however when I do, I was thinking about cutting losses quickly that you preach. For a beginner, is setting A stop loss at 1%, 2% maximum a good idea for someone that doesn’t want to become the other 90% that lose money?

Taj Gray says:

So much information in this one, didn’t get to catch the webinar but thank you for the video!

Davon Phillips says:

I would be glad that I stuck to my stop loss and then glad that I called the stock.

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