Why Are You Losing Money In The Stock Market?

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If you’re losing money in the stock market you’re not alone. So how do you get into the roughly 10% of traders who profit consistently? Watch to learn how to minimize your losses.

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If you’re losing money in the stock market you’re not alone. So how do you get into the roughly 10% of traders who profit consistently? Watch to learn how to minimize your losses.

I’ve had so many different students who excel at different things. It takes time. Everyone is different. Don’t compare yourself to others…

Sykes has this good process with cutting losses quickly; Tim Grittani stays in trades longer; Michael Goode is very meticulous; Mark Croock trades a lot; Roland likes dip buys.

Look at all of my most successful students, see what works for them, and then try to implement that in your trading. Ask yourself why you’re losing and learn to minimize your losses.

Rule number one: cut losses quickly. And when you do lose, learn what not to do. Keep testing, keep tinkering, keep trying. You will, and you can turn it around if you give yourself enough time.

What is your experience with trading losses? What have you learned from those losses? Where are you in your trading journey now?

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Timothy Sykes says:

What is your experience with loss in the stock market? What have you learned?

VToM says:

Hi Timothy, (my English is not Perfect)
I would like to ask you something. I opened an account by Interactive Brokers. I wanna start with 2300€ (im from Austria, Europe, Im a day trader, and I dont wanna use leverage. I trade with US Stocks.).
I could decide between Cash or Margin account. If I open a Cash Account, I can't short the stock. So no short- no cash account.
With Margin acc, I can trade 3x a week, or 5 working days. Which is ok for me, but somehow the Margin disturb me. I make a mistake with Margin Account?? Im on your website and read this article: "Pattern Day Trader Rule (PDT): 9+ Simple Tips for Stock Traders", and I know, you find IB one of the best broker, and I know you didn't recommend Margin and Leverage, but than how can I do it?? I wanna trade with my own money..
Thank you if you answer..
..and i dont understand it well. How it works by IB??: "However, you can use a margin account for cash transactions. This means that you’re not using leverage, but you’re trading from a margin account. In this case, the rule applies."

Glazim says:

your videos quality gets a lot better

K G says:

That was a great video. Made me take a better look at myself and the flaws I have; holding too long, paying too high. Thanks bud!

Dante Parris says:

Hey Tim, trying to get in on becoming your next top student, I'm one of your VIP students, study the few lesson you gave me……waiting for that damn call from you guys…..lol…it's been over a month now…let's go Tim

Ben Cantrell says:

How do you identify which stock to watch if you have say three stocks it’s hard to watch all three at the same time how do you pick which one is the most likely to make a move I seem to keep watching the wrong ones

Lubosi Maboshe says:

losses do happen to me but the gains eventually cover them..over time..every loss is a learning. Thanks Tim.

Austin Empire says:

How to get in the 10%? Here’s what I did hopefully this helps some of you out there….

1. Pay for coaching/books/newsletters from all the worlds best traders. When I was starting out I learned a ton from Tim Sykes. He’s great. If you think he’s a “scam” check out his interviews with Larry King/Steve Harvey. Those guys wouldn’t have him on the show if he was “scamming” people.

2. Cherry pick their best strategies/patterns so you can develop your own edge and find and see the small short term inefficiencies in the market

3. Be an independent thinker

4. Don’t quit…or if you are going to quit don’t allow yourself to until you’ve tried for at least 5 years.

5. Realize when you are starting off it’s like someone off the street hopping in the ring with mike Tyson. You are going to get knocked out. Instead paper trade keep position sizes tiny. Don’t worry about how much you make in dollars focus on getting the highest % gains you can get. That way you can outlast the learning curve. Don’t try to knock out mike Tyson just dance around the ring, wear him down, and don’t take the knockout punch. Fight like Mayweather

6. Spend at least 1 hour everyday learning (you can do this on your lunch break)

7. If you aren’t willing to do step 6 for several years then don’t even start you will lose money. You can’t just dabble into trading.

8. Remember once you get in the 10% you become the casino and they become the gamblers. The amount of money you can make is limitless and it compounds quickly. You can make pro athlete money except athletes get old and traders don’t. This is why investors and hedge fund managers OWN sports teams.

9. Last but not least be thankful for the brutal learning curve because that weeds out the people who quit when times get tough. The bigger the barrier to entry the more handsome the reward when you finally break through

Owen Jeremy says:

Nice sweater where do you get 🙂

Grant Hilliard says:


Gregne O. J. says:

I don't trade penny stocks actually but I love your advices and tips! Thanks man.

EMartinez1020 says:

There was a time where I was consistently getting stopped out of my positions when a stock was breaking HOD. So I stopped buying HOD breaks.

Mor Tor says:

Great video and great shirt!

yosemite sam says:

After watching numerous vids on trading this year, I've learned the 10% who succeed have one thing in common, study very hard, cut losses quick, and it can work. Accept losing and move on to the next trade.

doody fly says:

Don’t laugh please, so far I gain $20 and I didn’t loss yet…because I’m your student in stock market. And I track all your videos… I will start trading this month with a very small account for more practice and training.

Matt R says:

I am losing money because most stocks are down trending…probably 90% of them, lol

Shazzam says:

didn't start trading yet but i'm not afraid of them even if they are my enemy, as saying goes "Never fear your enemies but always respect them" so i'll respect my losses!!!.

Daniel Sckarin says:

Thank you, Tim! Currently, the penny stock market is weak, almost every single gapper fails. How do you think in current conditions does it worth it to trade breakouts? And how soon this situation will change? Traders are exhausted from that.

Travis says:

Thanks for this video I'm going through a super rough patch where it feels like every trade I take is just not working in my losses are getting way out of control. Haven't seen any of my favorite setups this month and I'm taking trades that I know I shouldn't!!!!

Momentum Trader says:

Not liking that video intro because too much noisy

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