Why Bitcoin Is About To Make A BIG Move – This Is Huge

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According to the volatility index Bitcoin is about to make a big move.
In this video we talk about where bitcoin is going to go.


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paul lunney says:

bitcoin goes up and it goes down but it always ends up going up!

NaturalMed says:

Just curious, why are you trying to gain from doing technical analysis on a manipulated market? Analyzing the real sources of volatility, understanding who or what these external forces are and their agendas can provide a better picture of how you can better position yourself in crypto or should I say "Digital Currency".

Crypto Data & News says:

I agree Bitcoin is going to take off very soon!

Ducote says:

My opinion please agree or disagree because I would really would like to get a consensus around this. These YouTubers are hurting this space, constantly giving false TA aka guessing on this market. If we all just stepped back and realized how small this market is and that none of us are in control of this space. That if big money see an opportunity they will buy or they will sell.

Also these youtubers constantly picking random coin saying they will be the “next” trip to the moon. Can we just agree that all these damn coin will raise. There’s no genius thoughts behind how this will turn out. I wish this space would develop with liked minded thinkers and all this garbage that hurting the space with people thinking they are smart and have the answers instead they are just hurting everyone.

Andrew Vasquez Sr. says:

Good info, thank you.

Kevin says:

Most coins on the day chart are near the bottom of the Stoch RSI and above the 200 day moving. Looks like the weekend will be pretty green. Litecoin ready to lead.

Andrew North says:

Up up up📈

Ann Marian says:

It will go into the basement unless the market manipulators throw in a pump every now and again.

Segredo Bitcoin says:

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Howard Jiang says:

The market seem to trade sideways
LTC: MBFsyre4zFvnCnAVENReCQsc5fVfuJd6N5

How I made says:

your "predictions" and titles are the results of the market cap you know that right? lol. when cap is down you and other yters will draw all these nonsense triangles and lines saying bull market is coming!!!! then when the cap is down youll make vid titled "was that a bull trap?" bear? is coming becareful" like seriously man just say it could go up down or side ways and youll come out a genius either way. your coloring book of lines does not account for fomo/fud/ceo being fired/hacks/regulations/mt gox/chinese new years which all plays 95% part in the price of the coin….so basically all you yters TA's are full of nonsense and a waste of time.

Mouss Mouss says:

I think bitcoin will stay at the 9k till december en than boom to 20k

Hans Peelman says:

Thx, nice video. Nice to learn something again.
Take a look also at some new stuf. Babb, banca, pundix, helbiz, ipexchange.
Love to here something of you about these

Shh Winner says:

drop in may usually over the bank holidays as institutional investors cant reach the office till Tuesday i remember them doing the same thing when the silver did a bull run and never recovered

DbN Peacekeeper says:

Question: what would make the Whales more money?
Answer: what would make the whales more money?

Flax Akasha says:

bring something about ETN.

shawn collins says:

I dont mean to be negative person, but people in general are not that smart. Instutional $ is ruthless so they will sell at peaks. But regulars will buy on rallys and sell on dumps or lows. WHY!!!! Please use your head. Buy in the dips! It helps bolster the market and sustain the price!!!! Geez…Thanks. Cheers

Truth Hunter says:

up up and away!

ATC MadNess says:

I think BTC is ready for a drop, UNLESS the same people that put in that one buy on April 12th do it again, we still haven't tested back where we were…

Robert Tomkinson says:

Why does everyone call purple "pink"? Am I colour blind?

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