Why Buy Low Priced Penny Stocks?

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1:10 Watch everything, the more that you study, the better prepared you are, the better your chance of success.

4:00 You need to understand that you need to see patterns that are going to make the stock go higher.

8:00 If you can make $200, $300, $400 in a day trading on a $2,000 account I can think of no better strategy in the world because you are risking very little.

12:00 I was very happy on Friday to buy this stock twice on dips. The volume was high, and it’s being promoted.

16:00 The problem with penny stocks is sometimes you get a technical breakout, and it doesn’t hold. Sometimes you get a technical breakout, and it’s not convincing, and it turns out to be a double top.

20:00 When I made my 2% here, I could have made 60%. By focusing on good patterns and setups sometimes you’re going to underestimate the stock. You shouldn’t get angry or discouraged if you sell too soon. You should be encouraged because you’re making good decisions.*

25:00 I don’t mind underestimating stocks, I don’t mind selling too soon as long as I’m making a profit. When in doubt, get out.

* Results may not be typical and may vary from person to person. Making money trading stocks takes time, dedication, and hard work. There are inherent risks involved with investing in the stock market, including the loss of your investment. Past performance in the market is not indicative of future results. Any investment is at your own risk. See Terms of Service here: https://www.timothysykes.com/terms-of-service/.


Nobility209 says:

"Show me every trade you lying sack of shit" lol.

coty vann says:

Thank you for the lesson! I’m looking into being your student when I get back from training for the National Guard. I’m working on saving up. How much would you say to take lessons from you and have a small account? ($2000). I’ve been wanting to start trading and I definitely feel this is the best way to start a small account. It would be awesome to have you as a mentor! Thanks Tim.


I understand, and am applying your knowledge and wisdom.

Tactician Wolf says:

Hey Tim,I have question.Can I keep stock for tomorrow?does day trading means do i need to sell within a day?

L. Jermaine Russell says:

Hey Tim awesome lesson as always. BLNK is a "bad sushi" play. Wouldn't a trader want to set their sell order around $6.90-$7 since past resistance is near that area? The chance that a bad sushi play continues to fill the gap and goes higher than previous resistance is pretty slim right?

Why Not says:

How do you find the press releases?

Travon Woodmore says:

Yup I learn something new thanks Tim for the video lesson and the passion you still possess I love it 👌🏾

Clorox Delivery Boy says:

how did you find these stocks? scanner?

Nour NYC says:

I like this exp” when in doubt, get out”

Damian Masztalerz says:

@2:05 hahahahahaha i love you tim

Landon Foster says:

I love when Tim says “shut the fuck up” hella down to earth! 🤙🏼 thanks for all the free content, you are appreciated!

Jaxx says:

I understand, I got off work early on a holiday,just to study for a bit.It's really starting to sink in Tim,thanks.

Michael J Frank III says:

Druggie promoters…Cracking up …Haha

Jay Smith says:

Trying to understand lol

ZachR says:

Play the stocks with movement volume and news with a history of running Thanks Tim

Bat Scientist says:

$SPY Options. The best of both worlds. Combine the potential profitability of low priced penny stocks with the "safety and stability" of blue chip NASDAQ stocks.

PAUL Coon says:

Thanks for the great video and thank you for teaching us.

Gorilla Scuti says:

what do you think of neovasc

Saif Ejaz says:

I smells ya on this Tim

Johnny Trask says:

I cant watch trading tickers tim sykes, when i click the link for the video it takes me to the video, but i cant watch it. Did grittani take it down?

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