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Hey team, in todays video I talk about why crude oil crashed, and the 5 stocks, and 2 etf’s I see value in. Like always be sure to drop a comment down below of what you think and be sure to hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already !

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Jerry Galvez says:

USO stock is not the same price. What happened there?!

Amz says:

I think you made the crucial mistake of talking about “crude oil” when your specifically talking about the may futures contract. Crude oil cash prices didn’t go negative itself and didn’t experience this price action.

Mr. Casual says:

I think it will continue to go lower because i doubt the US would let their their oil companies fall like, so they may subsidise it and OPEC know that they wont be able to do that for long so they' keep on producing oil but the promblem is when oil storage or tanker run out

Vicky Morgan says:

Wasn’tsure how to reply personally but have you ever thought of doing private sessions on working on some kinks with people that are learning trading?
I just thought of it after having my psychotherapy session today and it took 20 mins out of an hour talking about stocks since I’m so passionate about it obviously with someone that has no idea about stocks but massive knowledge of emotions. It’s still helpful but maybe a new venture for you? I’d take you upon it no question!

James Scott says:

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Thomas pappolla says:

you guys may want to look at 3x etf UCO if you think oil is going up and SCO if you think oil is going down. Good luck

David Esteban Caicedo Pabon says:

Hello Ricky my name is David, I just want to tell you, shut be great that you make the same content you have in spanish also. thanks

Anthony Reyes says:

Whats your take on the increase spike in oil prices today

Prabash Khadka says:

Why dont the oil producer just temporarily stop producing oil rather than spending to produce oil and pay the buyer to buy ??

Yuliia Sophar says:

May be a stupid question, but what happens if the price is negative and I have a stock. Will I just lose money or will lose the stock as well? Can someone explain?

Jonathan Holland says:

i believe it will keep selling off but time will tell, I'll be watching closely. if they reach storage capacity this will cause more problems with prices and price at pump might change, but again time will tell

ay2dakay says:

Everyone is an expert on oil now.

Ro King says:

As long as saudi and russia says no deal c oil will fo down no demands


In which app you use to trade.

The Blackshears says:

Invest in renewable energy sell oil.

gig777 says:

Oil is all over the news. There is blood in the streets. A bottom must be near. Loaded up on USO for the long haul.

FedexFreight Life says:

I just bought 870 shares from whiting petroleum.l @0.34 cents per share yssterday. $42.50 dollar profit today. Im sure itll reboud. Might take time, but worth it. If doesnt oh well. Im willing to risk losing $290 bucks

GTR says:

People say USO may dissolve? your opinion please

Adiputra Kho says:

One of the factor is because many airplanes are grounded and so on. World oil production year 2019 is 80million bbl/day x 360 days = 29billion bbl/year.. Do the math, find demand for world aviation oil yearly consumption

Levi Cockrill says:

So with crude being around 10% or less its valve from 180 days ago why are we paying only slightly less at the gas pump? Should they not be more closely proportional in value when crude drops so drastically?

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