Why "Gaps" Always Get Filled

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Gaps are an ever present phenomena in trading. Ever wondered why they occur? Rob discuss some theories around why Gaps occur and analyzes different types of Gap formations.


Nick Upson says:

Great video!


Excellent! Just found your channel. Subscribed and thumbs up.

Dextar says:

Gaps not ALWAYS get filled but most time!!

foolonthehill says:

Thanks! I knew “gaps are like black holes” but didn’t know why. Really helpful video

Conor T Keane says:

Great video Rob thanks a lot.

Spencer Winston says:

Fascinating analysis Rob. In golf terms, straight down the fairway and within sight of the flag for a birdie attempt. Thank you for helping traders around the world on finding the right technical tool "golf club" to make the optimal keyboard strike on their brokerage platform. Professional golf clap cheers!!!!

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